Audio Pro A10 MKII: A Proper Upgrade to A10?

Audio Pro A10 MKII

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The A10 from Audio Pro was a great speaker and got a lot of praise from different reviewers. In fact, it got a solid five stars from most. But, it seems like Audio Pro had more plans regarding the speaker. 

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Audio Pro A10 Speaker

A10 is a speaker with a modest footprint and rounded design, making it a space savvy addition to a smaller room. The fabric front perfectly complements modern interior design trends with the choice of two shades of grey, allowing a complete color match for your home.

That is why they have brought out the A10 MKII! So, what has changed? In a nutshell, you get the same speaker as the original A10 but with added multi-room support. 

Along with that, the new speaker comes with Google Cast and Apple AirPlay 2. And thanks to the multi-room support, you will be capable of playing the same tune that is being played on the other speakers on it. 

Audio Pro A10 MKII
Source: Audio Pro

In other words, the music will flow with you as you go from one room to another. The A10 MKII is not the only speaker from Audio Pro that has got the multi-room treatment. 

The brand has released MKII models of other speakers before. That includes the Addon C5 MKII and Addon C10 MKII.

However, just like the A10 MKII, the other MKII did not only see one upgrade. For example, the Addon C10 MKII featured design tweaks. 

The driver configuration and dimensions were the same as the originals. On the other hand, the C5 MKII came with the support of Spotify Connect. 

Audio Pro A10 MKII
Source: Audio Pro

Nonetheless, the A10 MKII is one of the most compact speakers from Audio Pro. It is more like the Skandi take on the 3rd gen of Amazon Echo

It comes with a fabric grille and features different preset functions of the brand. You can go through them by pressing and holding the four buttons that are on the top of the speaker. One of them is the ability to save playlists. 

Likewise, you can also save radio stations. There are preset functions for saving quick access as well. That will eliminate the need to take out your phone to adjust something on the speakers.

Want to know more about the Audio Pro A10? The sound of the speakers is the first thing that will surprise you. 

It even comes with the support for Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 4.0. And if you want to, you can play audio tracks on the speakers with the 3.5 mm Aux cable.

Audio Pro A10 MKII
Source: Audio Pro

Under the hood, the A10 packs a 7.5 cm long-throw subwoofer. And it boasts two individual 11.5 cm passive radiators. All of them combined will surely make you move with the sound that the speaker can output. 

Now that the MKII has multi-room support, you will move with the speakers’ sound while moving from and to different rooms of your home. That is if you set your home up with the speakers.

Audio Pro A10 Wireless Speaker | Wall Mountable, High Fidelity, Multiroom Bluetooth Speaker w/WiFi & 3.5 mm Audio Cable Input | Spotify Connect, Alexa Compatible Devices | Dark Grey
Audio Pro A10 Speaker

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