Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD: The 3rd Gen Horn Loudspeaker

Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD

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Right before Christmas, Avantgarde Acoustic released all the details and pricing of the brand-new Duo GT and Duo SD. And now, the German speaker brand has an early new year gift for you! Meet the new Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD.

The speaker is also referred to as Avantgarde Acoustic G3, where G3 stands for Generation 3. And the entire G3 series is a successor of the Avantgarde Acoustic XD series.

Starting from the Generation models, which debuted in 1993, the G3 Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD marks the second time where the company has renewed its technologies and products.

Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD
TRIO; Source: Avantgarde Acoustic

Among all, the standout technology inside the G3 Uno SD is the iTRON fully active modules. This allows users to convert the horn loudspeakers into plug-and-play systems

But as we are talking about Avantgarde Acoustic, these will not be just any regular plug-and-play systems. Instead, they will roar “high-end.”

Besides, the G3 Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD is currently the most compact statement speaker. And it acts as an entryway for the users to the world of classic horn designs. 

Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD
TRIO; Source: Avantgarde Acoustic

But it is not an “entry-level” model by any means. The G3 Uno SD shares the same features and quirks as the other speakers that are in the G3 family. 

That includes new color, finish palette, and spikes. The new Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD also comes with NatureCap, which is a proprietary super-capacitor from Avantgarde.

Furthermore, there’s the G3 crossover, new electronics, E Fuse, Coplanar driver arrangement, and G3 modular technology. 

Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD
TRIO; Source: Avantgarde Acoustic

In other words, the G3 Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD is a full-fledged horn speaker. And you should not judge its performance for its size.

The new Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD also comes with a new 10-inch XB10 driver. It features a 152mm voice coil

There is a membrane composite of carbon fiber and long-fiber paper. Also, the bass amplifier of the speaker has a 600 watts power output

All of these are checkpoints of a high-end speaker. Moreover, you will find processor-controlled active filters and a brand-new user interface. 

Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD
TRIO; Source: Avantgarde Acoustic

That will allow you to program the G3 Uno SD according to your preferences. When it comes to the midrange unit, the Avantgarde Acoustic Uno SD G3 utilizes the improved XM1 Evolution driver. 

This driver boasts 107db efficiency with 18 Ohm Omega technology. And compared to the recent Duo models, it relies on a much smaller horn. 

Finally, there is a new XT2 Supertweeter in the speaker. It is a 160mm tweeter that is 145mm in length.

It features an improved XT2 Evolution driver and comes with an annular diaphragm with duplex suspension.

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