Bastl Instruments has Big Plans with Mini Stereo Mixers

Bastl Instruments Bestie

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If you know Bastl Instruments, you are probably aware that the company has its own quirky approach to musical instruments. 

But unlike the previous products, the upcoming portable stereo mixer has a load in store. At least, that is what the audio specialist is hinting at.

In case you missed it, the company has recently announced Bestie. It is a small, compact mixer loaded with vintage control options. Not to mention that the mixer even has a vintage outlook to it.

Bastl Instruments Bestie
Source: Bastl Instruments

Nonetheless, the Bastl Instruments Bestie has a 5-channel mixer configuration. It delivers individual channel mute controls and can offer to gain boosts up to +20dB. That alone makes the new mixer perfect for a wide array of instruments, which includes synthesizers, guitars, and many others.

As with any other Bastl Instruments product, the innovation of the Bestie comes in the form of a built-in saturation and stereo distortion tool. There are low-noise preamps that accompany each channel, allowing you to put a spotlight on all the saturation effects you apply.

The intensity of the effects will be totally in your hands. With just a twist of the dial, you can make them go from subtle to absolute destruction. 

Bastl Instruments Bestie
Source: Bastl Instruments

To be exact, Bastl Instruments states that it will enable you to produce a “distinct tremolo-like effect” when you push the limits of the mixer.

When it comes to design, Bestie takes inspiration from its cousin, the Dude mixer, a monophonic mixer. But yes, the main highlight is that the form factor is highly portable.

You don’t need to worry much about the power input. The Bastl Instruments has a USB-C connection, which you can use to power the internals. 

Bastl Instruments Bestie
Source: Bastl Instruments

Alternatively, it has a four AA battery housing. The mixer features five stereo channels, which means that you can hook it up to five audio sources.

If you are looking to get the mixer, there’s a big caveat you should know about. Like other ultra-portable mixers, the Bastl Instruments Bestie comes with tiny 3.5mm input jacks. 

A proper example of such a mixer with the same 3.5mm jack configuration would be the Teenage Engineering TX-6.

Bastl Instruments Bestie
Source: Bastl Instruments

But the good part is that the jacks can offer instant integration with your favorite instrument. However, you might have to use a few adapters to connect it with professional-grade synthesizers. 

You will also have enough room to accommodate a 3.5mm to a 1/4-inch stereo adapter on the back of the Bestie.

Finally, the Bastl Instruments Bestie appears to be extremely budget-friendly. So, if you do not want to spend a lot to get a mixer, you should definitely keep this portable unit at the top of your list.

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