Beats Studio Buds Plus Rumored to Launch Soon With Beefed-up Specs

Beats Studio Buds Plus

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Beats have recently amped up its game with the release of Beats Fit Pro. That pair of buds is so great that it was compared to the Apple AirPods Pro in most of the reviews. 

And it seems that the case will be the same for the Beats Studio Buds Plus, which is launching pretty soon.

Looking back, the Beats Studio Buds were a great pair of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds. That pair marked a new direction for these Apple-owned Beats products. 

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

The regular version did a lot of things right. It focused on the low end, came with discreet styling, and, most importantly, its sonics were pretty refined.

But the upgraded version, the Beats Studio Buds Plus, will even be better. At least, that is what the recent rumors suggest. 

So, the most solid leak about the new buds comes from 9to5Mac. The team dug through the latest iOS update code and found images of new buds.

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

Those images on the iOS 16.4 update showcased a pair of buds in a new black and gold colorway. And most importantly, the design of the buds was pretty much identical to the Beats Studio Buds. 

In fact, you might not even be able to differentiate the Beats Studio Buds Plus from the regular buds. Even though they might look the same, the Beats Studio Buds Plus will offer some powerful upgrades. 

First, the buds will improve significantly upon the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. Secondly, according to a source, the new buds will provide a much-improved transparency mode. 

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Beats Studio Buds; Source: Beats

Also, 9to5Mac’s claim suggests that the Beats Studio Buds Plus will feature an automatic device switch system. 

That will enable the buds to switch from one Apple device to another smoothly and seamlessly. The sources added that the Beats Studio Buds Plus would come with an Apple chip. 

However, the original Beats Studio Buds utilized a proprietary Beats chip. And according to the Verge, the new buds will feature Apple chips.

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Beats Studio Buds; Source: Beats

No matter the case, the new Beats earbuds should support the Hey Siri command. Other than that, the buds might not fully support Apple AirPods’ features. 

To enjoy those, you will need an Apple AirPods with the latest Apple chip. But there’s no denying that the upcoming Beats Studio Buds Plus will also be an excellent pick if you are on Android. 

It could even bring more features supported by Google’s mobile OS. And hopefully, Beats will price it accordingly as well.

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