Best Grado Headphones

Best Grado Headphones of 2021

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Best Grado Headphones

Getting the perfect headphones can prove to be quite a challenge. The wide array of brands, types, and models available adds to the dilemma.

Grado has been in the headphones manufacturing industry, where they have been making open-back headphones since time immemorial. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the organization manufactures what it claims to be the first wireless open-back headphones model to be debuted in the wireless world.

Editor’s Pick
GRADO GS1000e Headphones
Comfort, style and a wonderful open soundstage make the GS1000e an excellent choice for mid level audiophiles. Hand-built in the USA with an excellent frequency range. Just a really lovely made, and sounding, headphone from Grado.

It is no secret that an enhanced natural sound is offered by design and openness to the music playing. Below is a compilation of the best Grado headphones.

Grado Headphones Reviews

GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Headphones

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Indulge yourself with the enhanced bass resonance and improved clarity exhibited in the SR80e Prestige Series headphones. The earpads have a soft foam making them fit comfortably. In addition, the headphones have the signature design of Grado vintage.


These adaptable SR80e headphones allow you to listen to various sound ranges while playing computer games or even in the studio. Frequencies are balanced with the help of a 4-conductor cable, producing an even sound range. These headphones shield static or distortion, enabling you to listen to more precise sounds.

Its open-back design allows for a more rounded and natural stereo recording. Additionally, the structure makes the headphones ideal for indoor use since no sound is leaked and much of the background disturbance is blocked.

The .1dB matched drivers contribute to an intelligent high-speed bass texture while at the same time keeping the sounds exceptionally midrange. The drivers’ exposure from the open-back design is impressive, bearing in mind the strength of the bass. This style is known to often result in a flat low pitch.

The earpads do not cause pain or compress your ears as you take them off, adding to the comfort of the headphones. Their lightweight makes them easily portable, while the extended cable is convenient if you are playing instruments while plugged in.

However, anything that requires the presence of sub-bass emerges way overblown as a result of the steep roll-off on the headphones. Bear in mind, Grado has a peak in the upper mids/lower treble and another peak in the upper half of the treble range.


  • Midrange detail and excellent treble
  • Tight bass is accurate and deep
  • Lively sound
  • Comfortable ear padding


  • The sound is not very relaxed
  • Steep roll-off

Grado GW100 v2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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GRADO GW100 v2 headphones offer a large backstage with improved sound clarity better than any other brand. In addition, Grado has significantly improved the headset sound containment, with an impressive open-back and on-ear design for an extended range.

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At only 11 ounces, this wireless headphone features a lightweight design, so your gadget will never be cumbersome to carry and use while traveling or when you have loads of luggage.

The new design includes a padded headband for comfort, with a foamy ear cushion to eliminate any distress when listening for long hours. Additionally, the headphone has a perfect clamping force on your ears. You won’t notice it’s there.

GRADO GW100 headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 with triple compatibilities, i.e., Apt-x, AAC, and SBC. The new, improved v2 model also comes with a better-quality antenna. It dramatically improves the headset’s connectivity and extends this headphone’s Bluetooth range.

It requires one lithium-ion battery (included in the box) rated at 40h listening duration. However, the 40h duration is advertised for 50% volume.


  • Lightweight, easy-wear design
  • Reliable battery with slow draining rate
  • Comfortable on-ear design with a padded headband
  • Longer Bluetooth range


  • The clamping force might be a bit loose for small heads
  • Connecting with an auxiliary cable lowers sound quality

GRADO GS1000e Wired Stereo Headphones

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This 14-ounce brown colored headset from Grado Labs is ideal for listening to all media types at a high sound clarity. It has prominent ear chambers that perfectly fit your earlobes for a private listening experience. With this design, air flows with the music you listen to, simulating superior clarity and range.

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The unique mahogany tone is hand-matched for top-notch aesthetic beauty. Your Grado GS1000e headphones also feature warm harmonic colors. When topped with bodied vocals, its excellent dynamics, and a seamless top end, you have the perfect headphone.

It comes with 50mm dynamic transducers and a new 1-conductor cable that delivers professional sound quality into your ears. In addition, the hand-crafted wood on the earpieces and headband, ergonomic cable design, and the driver assure you of tight control and stability on the higher and lower frequencies.

Grado’s cushioning creates a large soundstage for a greater listener’s spatial experience. This was a critical design perk for sound balance correction to create the pure sound every user craves.

The headphone’s adjustable headband is created from a flexible piece of metal. It can be bent to fit the shape of the head, allowing it to rest neatly on top. You barely realize they are present with the open back structure.

The downside is that the ear cups twist forward and change position when bending over. Their ear cushions also constantly fall off.


  • Pure sound quality
  • Improved cable design
  • Comfortable padded earpiece and headband
  • Excellent mahogany design


  • Ear cushions are loosely held, falling off easily

GRADO GT220 True Wireless Stereo(TWS) Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones

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With the GT220 headphones, Grado brings a new experience of music and soundplay based on decades of research and expertise. However, to enjoy these exceptional features, you will have to pay a higher price.


These headphones are made from highly dense polycarbonate material optimized for acoustics to ensure you get the best sound quality. These headphones also feature silicone ear tips and a ‘twist lock’ movement that ensure they fit perfectly on your head while delivering superior music performance.

The ‘Grado’ icon is touch-sensitive and enables you to play, pause, or skip your music forward or backward. You can also pick up calls using it or control the volume.

The touch icon also lets you summon Google Voice Assistant or Siri. In addition, the integrated mics make it possible for your instructions to be heard clearly. The Grado GT220 can run for 36 hours or longer on a full charge. These units also charge quickly and take less than two hours to be fully charged.

The battery lasts for about 6 hours although this may fluctuate based on the music you are listening to and the volume. The charging case charges the headphones five times. This is capable of holding up to 30 hours of battery life.

All these features make the Grado GT220 one of their top products. But they come at a higher cost as compared to other Grado headphones.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Comfortable to wear for longer times
  • Amazing audio performance
  • Quick charging


  • Costly compared to similar options

GRADO SR80x Wired Stereo Headphones

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This pair of headphones is designed with 44mm drivers and can quickly initiate a 380ohm soundstage. It means these headphones are more efficient, have minimal sound distortion, and conserve harmonic music integrity.


Grado upgraded the new SR80x design with a top-tier braided cable which eliminates twisting and kinking, thanks to the new extra-durable sheathing. It also includes a quad-conductor super annealed copper wiring for clear sound transmission. However, the sound clarity is not as superior as the Grado Bluetooth model.

The Grado SR80x also features an upgraded super-padded headband for comfort design. The synthetic material used also makes these headphones vegan-friendly. Their new speaker design includes a more potent voice coil and a magnetic circuit, plus a reconfigured diaphragm that significantly reduces its mass.


  • Highly durable cable
  • Clear sound transmission
  • Vegan-friendly materials
  • No sound distortion in speakers
  • Low-mass headphone is convenient for traveling


  • Lower sound quality than previous Bluetooth models

Final Verdict

It was a pleasure to have the first Grado Labs wireless headphones. This organization is behind a lineage of top-tier audio gear, which continues with the GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Headphones. Although not the ideal all-around set choice, they are arguably the best from Grado.

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