What is the Safest Way to Carry Your Headphones?

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Seriously, stop tossing your headphones into your bag so that the cables get all tangled up! Don’t you realize that the humble headphone is literally a lifesaver? Don’t believe me? Well, what gadget saves you from having to talk to other people? Headphones! What device makes it look like you aren’t lonely? Headphones again! And lastly, what gadget cuts out the chatter on a noisy commute? Headphones once again!

So, you see, headphones are pretty useful, and that’s why it is very important to know how to safely carry them so that they last longer and do not get damaged during traveling. That’s why we have come up with three essential hacks everyone needs to know to carry their headphones safely. So keep on reading to find out more!

Safely Store Headphone Cables

Coiling up your headphone cables is a big NO NO! When headphone cables are wound up too tight, there is a high risk that they will become frayed over time and stop working. So, you might want to reconsider just randomly coiling them up and taking them with you. Also, try to avoid letting the cables get all tangled up because that too can lead to the fraying of the delicate copper wires within.

If you absolutely need to coil them up to save space and also to look less messy, then always go for loose coils to avoid damage because of fraying. Also, here is how to coil your cables correctly in three easy steps:

Firstly, Just Make a Normal Loose Coil

For the second coil, hold the wire with your palm facing outwards, then pull the wire up a little and then twist your palm inwards and complete the loop.

Keep repeating by making one normal coil and one coil using the method outlined in the second step until the whole cable is coiled up.

This is the only method recommended by audio experts for coiling up headphone cables without fraying them.

Invest In A Headphone Case

If your headphones did not come with their own carrying case, then we recommend that you think about buying a separate headphone case for when you are traveling or even if you need to safely store your headphones at home.

Also, there are a few things that you need to factor in when buying a headphone case. First of all, try to get a case that is specially made for headphones and has those custom-made slots for the headphone as well as the cables.

This is literally the safest way to carry your headphones because the custom-made slots prevent your headphones from jostling around, and they also ensure that the cables stay untangled.

You can easily purchase these headphone cases off of Amazon or other online sites, but honestly, we would suggest that you trying going in-person to your local store to buy them. That’s because you will have a much higher chance of getting a case that has exactly the right proportions and is the right size for your headphones. After all, with the right size case, you can keep your headphones safely packed.

But even if you can’t get a custom-made headphone case, then don’t worry. You can always use a tiny pouch for earphones or a small bag for headphones. Just remember that anything is better than just leaving them around on the sofa or throwing them in your bag with lots of other stuff like books and water bottles.

Never Leave Batteries In!

Lastly, if you use battery-powered headphones, then you need to be extra careful when carrying these headphones around. If you are going to be traveling on a long-distance flight and plan on leaving your headphones in your luggage (in their own case, of course!), then you need to make sure that you take out the batteries and stow them away separately in a zip lock bag, for example.

This is really important because if you leave the batteries in the headphones, then chances are the batteries may leak due to the heat from being packed away for so long. And if they leak inside your headphones, they will corrode the headphones from the inside, and you can kiss them goodbye. So, always store batteries separately even if you aren’t traveling and are at home and plan on not using your headphones for some time.

Bottom Line

That sums up this short little guide and answers the question, what is the safest way to carry your headphones? High-end, good-quality headphones are by no means cheap, so knowing how to carry them safely can significantly extend their lifespan.

So, always make sure you avoid getting the cables tangled up and always pack your headphones in their own little case so that they stay functional for a long time.

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