5 Best in-ear Monitors for Singers

Female Singer singing with microphone and in-ear monitors

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If you are a vocalist then the best IEMs don’t have to be expensive…but they can be if you want.

A selection of the best in-ear monitors for singers next to each other on a table
Range of in-ear monitors | Source: Make Life Click

Best in-ear monitors for Singers

Writing a list of the best in-ear monitors for Singers comes from a place of experience. After playing and singing in live venues around the world I’ve used cheap iems when singing and playing guitar, and I’ve used expensive custom in-ear monitors for venues that seated crowds of 10 to crowds of 10,000. If you’re a guitarist you can also check out my recommendations for in-ear monitors for guitarists.

Editor’s Pick
Westone Audio Pro X50 IEM Earphones

60 years of experience designing products for the ear has resulted in a universal-fit earpiece that is compact, low-profile, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Our proprietary eartips enhance the performance of the Pro X50 by ensuring a great fit and seal, right out of the box.

Budget Pick
MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitor for singers

The MEE M6 Pro is a perfect budget pick for singers looking for an IEM. Great quality build, good sound and a great range of accessories included. It’s hard to see how MEE Audio can produce something this good for this price.

Whether you are an experienced singer with in-ear monitors looking to upgrade or you’re looking to purchase your first pair, this list will have something that caters for your budget and your circumstances.

If you are a vocalist that is brand new to in-ear monitors make sure you check out our beginners guide to in-ear monitors. Start there and then come back and read the rest of this list.

OK, so you’re in the position to need iems for singing and your wondering where to start. It’s no surprise as there are over 20 brands of iem manufacturers to choose from. Some are well-known brands like Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica. Others you may not have heard of like Campfire Audio, Empire Ears, 64 Audio and JH Audio.

Here are some questions you might want to consider when making your choice:

  • Budget – how much do you want to spend?
  • What do you need – sometimes we want the best but perhaps there are quality units for less?
  • Do you need Custom IEMs or will Universal IEMs be sufficient?
  • What accessories are important to you?
  • What style of music are you performing and will that affect what IEM you choose?

Benefits of in-ear monitors for singers

  • Protect hearing – reduces the loud onstage volume that can harm your hearing
  • Hear your pitch so you’re able to pitch your notes better
  • Reduce vocal strain from over singing – everyone has ‘that’ member of the band whose amp needs to be turned up to 11.
  • Choose your personal mix for monitoring – want a little more kick drum? Maybe some more keys? No problem.

Our recommendations will include a price mark measured like a restaurant. One $ for cheap up to three $ for expensive to help you make the right choice. We’ll also indicate whether the in-ear monitor will be a universal iem or a custom in-ear monitor.

Westone in-ear monitor on table
Westone in-ear monitor | Source: Make Life Click

If you haven’t checked our iem beginners guide then let us quickly cover the difference between universal and custom.

A Universal in-ear monitor is one that can be used by anyone. It comes with different ear tips foams so that you can get the right fit for your ear. Universal iems are generally going to be cheaper and make an excellent choice especially if you are starting out. You can pay anything from $50 all the way up to $1500+.

A Custom in-ear monitor is the type you’ll see all your favourite singers and vocalists using. Pink, Lady Gaga, J-Lo etc always have really cool glam looking in-ears with the outsides styled up with diamonds and all sorts. A Custom iem is made from an earmold that is taken by an audiologist. They literally syringe a rubbery, safe type of foam into your ear which sets to make a mold of your inner ear. This is then sent to a company to make your very own personal set of in-ear monitors that should fit like a glove. These are generally more expensive than universal models and can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand

in-ear monitors for Singers – Listed

Here is the updated list for 2021 of the best in-ear monitors for singers. I’ve collated this list based on experience with what I believe offers a great sound profile, or sound signature for vocalists.

We’re not going to nerd out on the specification on each but we will include the type of in-ear it is i.e unviersal or custom. We’ll also include the frequency range i.e. how low the sound can go (Bass) and how high it can go (Treble).

Each of these in-ear models would still need a wireless belt-pack transmitter and you’ll need a way to mix your monitoring feed to the IEMs. That’s for another post but ask any questions you have in the comments below.

1: MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitor

This is a Universal IEM with 2mm DC Cable

Drivers: 1 x Dynamic Driver (10mm)

Price: $

Freq range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz


This is the second generation of the MEE M6 Pro in-ear monitor. This model dropped the MMCX cable which allows them to keep the costs lower but still provides a quality connection.

With the M6 Pro, MEE audio has clearly and intentionally targeted singers who are starting their performance journey. This is the most affordable in-ear monitor for singers that we will be recommending on this list.

Comes with a carry case, range of ear tips, clips for your shirt, spare cable and a 1/4 inch adaptor.

Why we chose the MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitor for Singers?

The M6 Pro has always amazed me. The quality of the sound at this price is amazing and the full range of accessories is impressive. They have been around for a long time and have built a great reputation.

If you are starting your music journey and you’d appreciate a set of IEMs to also listen to music then the M6 Pro is an easy choice.

For around $50 you’re getting a set of IEMs that has a great sound profile for vocalists with a history of being excellent value for money and a quality build.


  • Very affordable
  • Spare cable included
  • Accessories and ear tips all included
  • Good reputation
  • Second-generation model


  • Some prefer the previous model with MMCX but that probably won’t matter to most singers.

Summary: The MEE M6 Pro in-ears are well priced, sound great for that price and are the perfect starting in-ear monitors for singers.

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MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitor

2: Shure SE215 in-ear monitor for singers

This is a Universal IEM with MMCX Cable

Drivers: 1 x Dynamic Driver

Price: $

Freq range: 22 Hz – 17.5 kHz


If you have ever sung at a live event at a school, church or conference with rented equipment that was wired, there is a good chance you have used a classic Shure microphone called the SM-58. It’s been around forever and is still a popular choice for live wired singing.

Shure SE215 iem and Soft Case
Shure SE215 in-ear monitor and Case | Source: Make Life Click

Why did I tell you all that? Well, the Shure SE215 in-ear monitor is like the Shure SM58. It’s been around for years and has been a staple for a huge number of vocalists. It comes with 1 micro driver, a nice soft carry case, a good selection of ear tip sizes, a cleaning tool (you’ll need it) and a good quality MMCX cable which can be removed and replaced.

Why we chose the Shure SE215 IEM for Singers?

So many reasons why we chose this model. First, it’s really great quality and should last you years. Second, because it’s very well priced considering the accessories and build quality. Third reason is that the frequency response is really nice for vocalists and singers. Not too much bass and just the right amount of treble.

Side note: Guitarists might also like the SE215 because of the frequency range.

This is also a good choice for vocal teams who need to share their in-ear monitors. You can change the foams out which might be helpful for community or church groups that rotate monitors. Quite common for BV’s (background vocalists).

The fit of the SE215 is comfortable. I’ve used them for years and bought my first pair playing at Hillsong in Sydney. I once spoke with a fantastic singer at a Vancouver concert who I realised had the resources to buy premium in-ears but she chose to stick with the SE215 for comfort, fit and sound.


  • You can get different colors
  • Shure pedigree means something
  • Great sound signature for vocalists
  • Good accessories
  • MMCX Cable
  • Affordable


  • None at this price

Summary: If you are a singer that is new to in-ear monitors the SE215 is a great choice to start with. Easy on the ear and affordable. It has the ‘Shure’ street cred and if you choose later you can always upgrade from there. You can also check out the Shure SE315, SE425 or SE535 which are it’s bigger brothers.

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Shure SE215 in-ear monitor

3: JH Audio JH7 Custom in-ear Monitor

This is a Custom IEM with 2 Pin Cable

Drivers: 3 x Balance Armature

Price: $$

Freq range: 20 Hz – 17 kHz

JH Audio JH7 Pro Custom in-ear Monitor
JH Audio JH7 Pro Custom in-ear Monitor

The JH7 IEM is a perfect custom IEM for singers from Jerry Harvey. It has a wide frequency range and the bass is there, but it’s not overwhelming.

It comes with 3 Balanced Armature drivers. 2 focus on the lower frequencies and 1 focuses on the high frequencies.

It includes a 3.5 mm gold plated cable plug, wax tool and your very own JH Audio case with your name engraved on it.

You also get to customise the shell colour and what the outer shell faceplates have on them. You can do all this on their website.

You will need custom molds done and sent to JH Audio for these to be produced. They have a list of audiologists in the USA who can do your ear molds for you.

Why we chose the JH Audio JH7 for Singers?

It’s an excellent first choice custom in-ear monitor for vocalists (or guitarists). The price tag isn’t cheap but it’s a long way off the more expensive units which can go all the way in the multiple thousands. The 3 Precision Balanced Armature drivers provide an excellent response without pushing a particular frequency too far.

The build quality of JH Audio has ensured they remain at the top of the custom IEM market and you get the expected -26dB noise reduction on stage which will protect your ears from excessive-stage volumes.

Jerry Harvey is one of the original designers and inventors of the in-ear monitor so he knows what he is doing.

This is a relaunched model that effectively replaces the JH Audio JH3X Pro in the range.


  • Custom design options
  • Affordable for a custom in-ear
  • 3 BA Drivers
  • JH Audio pedigree
  • Great frequency range for singers
  • -26dB noise reduction


  • None at this price

Summary: It’s hard to walk past a JH Audio in-ear monitor. This unit gets you into the custom iem space at an affordable price point (for customs) with a perfect first pair to ensure your vocal work is always at its best.

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JH Audio JH7 Pro

4: Westone UM Pro 50 in-ear Monitor

This is a Universal IEM with MMCX Cable

Drivers: 3 x Balance Armature

Price: $$

Freq range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Karl Cartwright is the audio master behind Westone. It was he and Jerry Harvey (JH Audio IEM listed above) that both brought the in-ear monitor to the front of the stage back in the ’80s and ’90s. So you know your getting and experienced and crafted piece of hardware.

The Westone UM Pro 50 Universal IEM has 5 balanced drivers in each earbud. These are not off-the-shelf models but rather proprietary developed BA drivers. There is a 3 way passive cross over which is a fancy way of saying the bass, mids and treble are sent to different drivers for a solid and powerful sound.

Comes with a braided MMCX cable as shown below. The carry case is solid and you also get tips and a cleaning tool with it.

Westone UM Pro 50 in-ear monitor for singers
Westone UM Pro in-ear Monitor | Source: Make Life Click

Why we chose the Westone UM Pro 50 in-ear Monitor for Singers?

I’ve owned the Westone UM Pro 50 for a while now. Generation 1 model and they now have a v2 model. What I love about the UM Pro 50 as an in-ear monitor is their true to life sound signature.

They don’t alter the sound – it’s natural and well balanced. It has bass, mids and treble but the sound hasn’t been messed with so that it’s extra heavy on the bass, or treble – if you know what I mean?

The best way to describe it in audio terms would be to say it’s neutral and balanced. When you sing you can still hear the ssss in your s’s and the natural kick in the kick drum and the bass is full but not bloated.

For these reasons the UM Pro 50 get’s a big tick from me as an in-ear monitor for singers. You’ll appreciate how you sound through these. I also own the UM Pro 30 which are very nice also so if you can’t make the $ to get the Pro 50 then they will be a great second choice.

The other thing I like about the UM Pro 50 is their comfort. They have a light feel and a low profile so you can wear them for long periods without feeling sore.


  • Custom design options
  • Affordable for a custom in-ear
  • 3 BA Drivers
  • JH Audio pedigree
  • Great frequency range for singers
  • -26dB noise reduction


  • None at this price

Summary: The Westone UM Pro 50 is one of my favorite in-ear monitors no question. The sound is full, natural and rich. The comfort is fantastic and the build quality is first-rate. An easy choice.

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Westone Audio Pro x50

5: Shure SE846 in-ear Monitors

This is a Universal IEM with MMCX Cable

Drivers: 4 x Proprietary BA drivers

Price: $$$

Freq range: 15 Hz – 20 kHz

At this point of the list we are starting to stray into in-ear monitors that audiophiles also love, not just singers.

As far as universal in-ear monitors for singers go, the SE846 is at the top of the pops. Yes, you could upgrade and go for the electrostatic KSE-1500 unit with beltpack but the SE846-CL is a bass-thumping (you’ll really feel the band in these making it easier to look like your having fun, not just focusing on the notes) universal iem.

It comes with 4 custom build (by Shure) Balanced Armature drivers and as mentioned above the audio quality is superb. This is the top end of the SE line for Shure, their flagship model.

It comes available in multiple colors and configurations. That is to say you can get a wired model (always our recommendation for singers and vocalists, lest you have drop outs) and you can get a version with a Bluetooth cable. We’d recommend you leave the Bluetooth MMCX cable to the audiophiles.

The colors include clear, black, blue and gold.

Why we chose the Shure SE846 in-ear Monitors for Singers?

As you will know from our inclusion of the SE215 above, we have a lot of confidence in Shure. The SE846 is an incredible in-ear for using live, or for personal listening use. They do have a rounded bulb-like look in your ear but they don’t stick out as much as many.

If you’re looking for a well fitting, great sounding and well made universal IEM then the SE846 is about as good as it gets for singers.

There are a lot of benefits to being able to feel the music, not just hear it and these units let you really feel and get in to the music as well.

Don’t be fooled by Shure’s focus on these IEMs for audiophiles as they are awesome for live use.


  • Excellent selection of accessories
  • Shure brand and support
  • Amazing sound
  • Incredible bottom end and bass
  • MMCX cable with options to swap it for others including Bluetooth


  • Not cheap

Summary: The Shure SE846 is a top of the line in-ear monitor which singers will relish. Expensive, yes, but also great quality and they come with an excellent history of use by vocalists and audio lovers around the world.

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Shure SE846 in-ear monitors

Buyer’s Guide

With so many options to choose from when it comes to in-ear monitors for singers, you need some guidance. That’s where we come in; we make it easier so you know what to look out for when choosing which model is best for your needs.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is probably the single most important factor when you are looking for in-ear monitors. It is very important for singers that the in-ear monitor delivers accurate and very clear sound reproduction.

It is ideal if your in-ear monitors can provide top-quality sound feedback during live performances, which can be quite noisy. If your in-ear monitors can give you a wide range of sounds, the result is improved detail.

So, it is very important that you go for the in-ear monitor that provides you with the clearest and highest range of sounds.

Fit and Comfort

High on the priority list for singers is whether their in-ear monitor fits properly and sits comfortably in the ear. Imagine going on stage for the next three or four hours and you have something in your ear that keeps irritating you.

It is a nightmare if you have a pair of in-ear monitors that don’t fit well; you can’t even take a break. That is why you should ensure it comes with a range of tips, so you can swap them out when needed.

Your life will be much easier with an in-ear monitor with a comfortable fit hook to keep it in place.

Durability and Materials Used

Memory foam is a good option when it comes to the tips of your in-ear monitor because it is soft and stays in place. They should also be made from durable but lightweight materials, so you don’t even notice when they’re fitted in your ears.

The cables should also be made from durable materials, so they don’t wear out too quickly and hang comfortably from the monitors. The overall feel of the in-ear monitors should be robust but still comfortable.

Added Features

Sweat resistance is one of the features you want your in-ear monitors to have. Additionally, look for a wireless feature so you don’t struggle with cables. Another great feature will be whether the cables can be removed if you opt for those that work with them.

You also need to have a proper isolation feature to make it much easier to hear the monitor’s sound. When it comes to sound quality, you need many features, but low impedance will require less power.

Price Factor

We all know that you pay more for higher quality and more features; this holds true when it comes to in-ear monitors. We recommend you go for the highest quality you can afford and pay a bit extra for the right features.

You don’t want to buy cheap in-ear monitors that will leave you stranded halfway through a gig. The best strategy is to aim for affordable but also for the best quality and the most features your money can buy.


There are so many in-ear monitors on the market it can be hard to know which to choose. I believe the list of in-ear monitors for singers that we’ve put together here gives you a good balance of price and audio quality.

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It’s definitely worth pushing to start using this over foldback wedges when you can. It’s not always possible but as a vocalist, you’re hearing will thank you for it and you’ll always be on pitch.

A side note is that guitarists will also benefit from this iem list as the frequencies are suitable for their best playing and hearing range.

Let us know if you have questions or comments below and we’d be happy to answer them. Happy singing!

Best in-ear monitors for Singers
Westone Audio Pro X50 IEM Earphones
Value for Money
Sound Quality
What we like (Pros)
What we like less (Cons)

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  1. Thanks for the clear explanation. Why aren’t there any ‘chi-fi’ brands on this list, like in your budget IEM list. I’ve read that these can also be used for live performance, or do you disagree? Compared to 7h Salnotes Zero, I can’t really call Shure SE215 budget anymore.

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