Best 7.1 Home Theater System

Best 7.1 Home Theater System -

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Partying at a club is a popular way to spend free time and take the edge off after a hard week.

However, there may be reasons why you can’t leave the house. Plus, some people simply prefer to stay home and listen to their favorite songs or watch a movie.

We tried to find the best 7.1 home theater systems available. There is something for everyone, even those on a tight budget.

Best 7.1 Home Theater System

Best 7.1 Home Theater System Reviews

Editor’s Pick
No products found.

No products found.

All the power and finesse that you can expect from Klipsch. The additional bonus wireless subwoofer kit is a bonus. This set up in any Home Theatre arrangement is going to make movies and music a sublime, impactful audio experience.

Budget Pick
Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System

A smaller and more compact 7.1 set up which would suit smaller rooms or even a bedroom. Pyle have been in audio forever so there is some pedigree there. Either way, it’s a very affordable option if you’re getting in to a 7.1 home theatre set up.

7.1 Home Theater SystemSize/TypePrice
1: Fluance Elite Series 7.1 Surround Sound Home TheaterLarge$$
2: No products found.Large$$$
3: No products found.In-ceiling$$
4: Onkyo THX Certified 7.1-Channel Surround SystemMedium$$
5: Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater SystemSmall$
We’ve tried to cover a range of 7.1 home theatre systems

1: Fluance Elite Series Surround System


This item comes in three different color variations, including black ash, natural walnut, and white. This home theater system is something that you will definitely fall for. You are getting a set of 7 standing speakers, along with a 10” subwoofer. This is enough to create a superb surround sound environment.

Most importantly, this home theater system is not only intended for audiophiles but for movie enthusiasts, as well!


I have the Fluance bi-polar surrounds behind my couch. These were another excellent budget buy from Fluance who make incredible HiFi speakers ranging from affordable to expensive.

As we have mentioned above, the idea of a home surround system is that it presents the audio from a song or a TV show as realistically as possible. That is exactly what this Fluance product does with a couple of rear surround speakers and a center channel.

One of the common issues with home theater systems is that they aren’t able to provide adequate dynamics. That is not the case with this product, considering the fact that tweeters, as well as a high-quality midrange speaker and the aforementioned subwoofer, work together to ensure an accurate response and high-quality audio.

Most importantly, you will not have to worry about the sound being cranky. This is because the dynamically crafted speakers support a wide frequency range while maintaining low distortion.

Not only are you going to get a superb sound experience, but this Fluance system is incredibly attractive, as well. Manufactured with wood cabinets in mind, the design contributes to the audio quality, as well as overall looks.

Needless to say, you will experience soaring highs from all 7 speakers. Plus, it is also going to support both the mid and low range without a lot of issues. Additionally, if you are someone who enjoys energetic and bass-based music, the Fluance is just the right choice for you.

Frankly, there is not a lot to say against it. It is ideal for people who want to blast a home party, and it is a great home decor choice, as well. However, we would be happier if it didn’t take up as much space.

Other than that, you are looking at a high-quality home theater system that will keep you happy for years to come.


  • Features surround speakers, midrange, and a subwoofer
  • Able to provide powerful bass
  • Supports dynamic midrange and highs
  • Looks great in any room
  • Made to last


  • Not space-sensitive

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Fluance Elite Series 7.1 Surround Sound Home Theater

2: Klipsch 7.1 RP-250 Reference Premiere Surround Sound System

No products found.

Moving on with our list of the best 7.1 home theater system offers, we have a high-end product that will serve all of your audio needs. It’s no surprise Klipsch make this list, as they did many times on our Dolby atmos speakers list.

Klipsch is a popular brand in the relevant industry, and it offers a lifetime warranty (limited) on all of its speakers. This means you are looking at a smart long-term investment.


This surround set consists of a couple of items, including 7 standing speakers, as well as a single R-110SW subwoofer. Furthermore, you are also getting a wireless subwoofer kit that will allow you to connect everything together and get a bass-filled, crystal clear audio environment.

It is not as elegant as the aforementioned home theater system. However, this one still looks great in almost any apartment, especially those with more modern home decor. Keep in mind that the weight of the set is 250 pounds, so you will need at least two people to set it up.

To be honest, the sound that you will be able to enjoy from this system is out of this world. It is much like the one you will hear while watching your favorite movie in a cinema or while attending a crowd-filled musical event.

These speakers are able to support a huge frequency range, leaving almost no room for distortion. It offers the crystal clear audio that you should expect out of a home theater.

It stands up to par with some of the best surround systems out there, such as Bose. The impedance of these speakers is set at 8ohms.

You will not need a lot of time to set this system up, especially because the featured instructions are detailed. Plus, the wireless subwoofer kit works flawlessly. Bearing this in mind, there is not a lot to argue about when it comes to this home theater system.

Still, it is not a product made for those on a sensitive budget, with its price being at least a few times more than that of the aforementioned product. However, considering the quality of audio you will be getting, as well as a limited lifetime warranty, it may be a worthy investment for those able to afford it.


  • Highlighted by incredible bass and high range
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Offers spectacular surround environment
  • Features an easy-to-use subwoofer (wireless kit)
  • Simple to set up


  • Quite pricey

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3: YAMAHA 7.1 High Definition Digital Cinematic Sound System

No products found.

Talking about home theater systems that are from recognizable brands, this YAMAHA 7.1 set up is one that we have to mention. It is a sleek and convenient product that is sure to create just the right atmosphere for a home party or a movie night.


The main advantage of this surround system compared to the aforementioned two is that it doesn’t take up anywhere near as much space. This is because the system is highlighted by 2-way 150-watt speakers that are much different from the common freestanding ones.

This system wouldn’t be able to work without the 770-watt 7.1 channel AV receiver. While it is the main point of this surround system, it will not put out the best performance if you don’t install the 6 included speakers.

What we love is that you are getting long 100-foot wire, making it flexible to set up. The best thing about this YAMAHA product is you can easily upgrade it to a 7.2 by investing in two subwoofers and an additional central speaker.

Talking about subwoofers, it is a shame that this one doesn’t offer one in the initial package. However, you should be quite confident that the set of aforementioned custom-install speakers (150w) is going to do magic in terms of audio quality.

What we didn’t mention is that you can mount these speakers to a ceiling and save even more space while not risking the audio quality. It indeed is a compact and attractive surround system that will complement the rest of your room.

Overall, this is a product that offers spectacular price to quality ratio, and it is a great choice for anyone who is budget and space sensitive.


  • Highlighted by a convenient custom-install design
  • Features six 150-watt speakers and a powerful AV receiver
  • Ideal for small apartments
  • Offers crystal clear surround sound
  • Rear insulation removes any distortion


  • Doesn’t include a subwoofer

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No products found.

4: Onkyo THX-Certified 7.1-Channel Surround System


Talking about a home theater system that can put out a powerful performance, this Onkyo product is certainly one that you should consider. It comes with a set of 7 speakers, as well as a powerful subwoofer and a convenient AV receiver.


There are more than a few traits that make this surround system a worthy choice. First and foremost, it is highlighted by 210W/Ch and 100W/Ch acoustics. The feature that makes this surround system sound as good as it does is the calibration technology. It ensures that powerful and crystal clear sound will reach every corner of your apartment.

For those looking to upgrade the 7.1 home theater system even further, this one supports 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos and DTS. Additionally, if you were hoping to play some music from platforms, such as Deezer and Spotify, that is available with this system, as well.

Keep in mind that this product offers a splendid frequency response that is set at 10Hz and goes all the way up to 100kHz. For that matter, you don’t really have to worry about whether it will be able to provide rich highs and clear lows.

More importantly, it is certified by THX and makes a perfect addition to a small room that you could turn into a home theater. Much like in a real cinema, there is no distortion whatsoever, which is probably the most important point for any surround system.

It is highlighted and compatible with a number of smart services, internet, and radio services. It can also be connected with AirPlay, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The front HDMI input ensures you have no issue when connecting a video camera to it.

When it comes to the installation process, it is quite versatile, considering you can mount it, place it on a shelf, or let it stand free. The main issue that we have with this surround system is that it doesn’t seem to support cast videos from PC.

Also, it doesn’t offer as many listening modes as you would get with a more expensive Bose. However, for the given price, and considering that you will still be getting powerful and crystal clear audio, it is a worthy choice!


  • Compatible with most internet and streaming services
  • Convenient front HDMI input
  • Offers powerful bass
  • Strong subwoofer and central speaker
  • Easy installation process


  • Not as many listening modes
  • Can’t cast videos from PC

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Onkyo THX Certified 7.1-Channel Surround System

5: Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System


Last on our list is a budget-friendly surround system that seems to offer more than you can handle. While it may not be as reliable for heavy use as the aforementioned products, it is a choice that will offer a spectacular audio experience for a low price.


First and foremost, you won’t have a lot of issues when it comes to setting this system up, considering it offers Bluetooth connection. What you are getting here is a set of satellite speakers, a central channel, and a subwoofer that is loaded with 80 watts of power.

It offers fair connectivity and can play MP3 and MP4. It also features adequate bass and treble controls. As for the frequency response that it can support, that is set to 50-330Hz (subwoofer). That is certainly not the greatest, but it is fair for the price.

We have to say that this surround system is not for space-sensitive apartments. The weight of the system is 350 pounds, and the speakers are quite bulky. As for the subwoofer, it is set to 165 x 150 x 102 inches and comes with an Acive Long Throw Driver.

On the other hand, the speakers measure 93 x 47 x 31 inches and are made out of wood. As we have mentioned above, the power that the subwoofer puts out is set to 80 watts, while the total is 500 watts.

We love that this product is highlighted by plenty of inputs, including FT/AMT, making the overall compatibility much better. To be honest, for the price that it comes at, it puts out some great audio quality.

However, the fact that it is bulky, not easy to set-up, and gets you all messy while working with different cables is a concern.

Still, if you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy a fair home theater system, this is the right choice for you.


  • Offers a powerful subwoofer
  • Looks nice in any room
  • Bluetooth connectivity is splendid
  • Offers a loud and clear sound
  • Comes with a number of inputs
  • Offers adequate bass and treble controls


  • Not as user-friendly as similar models
  • Doesn’t include a tweeter

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Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System


Investing in a 7.1 home theater system is something that you shouldn’t think about twice. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite shows in a comfortable home atmosphere, but you could also throw a spectacular party.

If you have a larger budget, then we would definitely recommend the Klipsch 7.1 Surround System. The set of satellite speakers, the central channel, and the featured subwoofer make a powerful combination.

On the other hand, if you want a budget-friendly home theater system that still offers a cinematic experience, we would suggest the 770-watt 7.1 YAMAHA as the best solution.

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