Best Smart Thermostat of 2022 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

smart wall energy control thermostat

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Every year when the temperature rises so does most people’s electric bill. That is why there are so many options when it comes to making a more energy-efficient home. One of those, of course, is to use a smart thermostat.

These smart thermostats, unlike old school ones, are easily programmed and can be operated through an app on your smart device. This will give you better control over maintaining the temperature in your home even when you are not there. There are a lot of options out there, so we pulled together a list of the best smart thermostats for you. We hope it helps.

Smart Thermostat Reviews

Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF200

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The first smart thermostat we’re looking at comes from Honeywell, which is a well-known company in the home electronics field. This model is available in multiple different variations and outfitted to be easily included in your smart home.


The Lyric T5 is designed to work with single-stage or multistage conventional and heat pump heating and cooling systems. The unit, once installed, is compatible with multiple smart home systems. It is crafted with a compact design with a very conservative look that should be aesthetically pleasing in most homes. On top of the sleek design, there are a lot of other great features and benefits attached to this unit.

One of the biggest things that shine when looking at this model is the adaptive recovery system that it is programmed with. This system allows you to determine how long it takes to get your home to the perfect temperature. The system will also determine when it’s time to switch from cooling to heating.

It is outfitted with a seven-day flexible scheduling and location-based temperature control, which makes it extremely customizable. Setup and installation are super easy. And it comes with an app that allows you to receive push notifications so that you can adjust the temperatures to meet any extreme temperature changes.

Though there is a lot to be said about this smart thermostat, there are still some things that could be improved to make it an even better model. First off, the unit is not set to deliver reports and energy usage statistics. This will limit energy efficiency in some ways. Also, the unit does not come fitted with humidity or motion sensors which would also optimize energy efficiency to a new level.


  • Thermostat is easy to set up and install
  • Compatible with multiple smart home devices, including Alexa and HomeKit
  • Designed with a variety of scheduling options
  • Mobile app is extremely user friendly


  • Unit does not come with any energy usage statistics or reports
  • Not fitted with sensors for humidity or motion

Emerson Sensi ST55

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The Emerson Sensi ST55 is a corded electric smart thermostat that is Energy Star certified and easy to install. It comes fitted with several great features and easy controls so that you can monitor and manage your energy efficiency even when not at home.


This system offers a 23% decrease in your energy bills on average, and this is done via the features and programs attached to it. The system is the same size as a traditional thermostat and is easy to install, most often within 30 minutes. It comes with a built-in level and step-by-step app instruction so that you have a quick installation and don’t have to worry about any extra work.

On top of all of that, the system is compatible with a wide range of smart home platforms and is designed to allow you access to usage reports to ensure you are setting up their systems via the app to maximize the unit’s efficiency. The mobile app has a wide range of connectivity and is easy to use no matter where you are in the world.

The unit, unlike many other smart thermostats, does not require a C-wire connection for a majority of the systems you will be dealing with. Along with a smart alert feature that allows you to monitor for extreme humidity and temperatures, it comes with a seven-day scheduling feature as well.

The Emerson smart thermostat has an amazing scheduling system, but it does not allow you to just schedule a fan; you have to schedule the whole unit, which may be a problem for some people. Also, whereas the app is easy to use and highly efficient, the user will have to have access to the cloud to use the app as there is no intranet system.


  • Thermostat does not require a C-wire for most systems
  • Works with a variety of smart home systems, including Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings
  • Unit comes with a wide range of system alerts as well as humidity controls
  • Mobile app that is attached to this unit has a good range when it comes to connectivity


  • Thermostat does not allow you to schedule the use of just the fan
  • Model does not have an Intranet control, so you have to have cloud access to use the app

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

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If you’re looking for an easily programmable smart thermostat that interacts with third-party products, then the Nest thermostat is a good option for you. This unit can learn your schedule and is outfitted with tons of other features that will elevate its value.


This Nest Learning Thermostat is crafted with an aesthetically pleasing design that will fit any home easily. Crafted with polished metal finishes and a bright large, easily read, high-resolution display, this thermostat is an excellent addition to any home that’s looking to become more energy efficient.

The thermostat is designed with many great features, including an auto-away feature that allows the unit to adjust itself after the homeowner has left the building. This way, you are not wasting energy by heating or cooling a home that nobody is in. The system is also easily controlled via smart devices by anyone living in the house.

Having compatibility with third-party products and other smart homes is also a key component of this thermostat. The unit itself is compatible with other Nest devices as well as third-party products from Amazon and other companies. This includes being able to be paired with ‘If Not This, Then That’ (IFTTT), the app that allows you to sync and set up automated actions.

It is easy to see that the Google Nest thermostat is fitted with many amazing features and benefits. However, there are still some issues with it. If purchasing the thermostat only, you will not have any remote room sensors available for your use. These are purchased separately, which means that the price will be even higher, which may be a problem for some, seeing as how many already feel the price is a little expensive.


  • Thermostat is crafted with an auto-away feature for easier temperature adjustment when not at home
  • Compatible with a third party and other nest devices
  • Program to be able to be used with IFTTT
  • Unit is designed with a large, easily read display


  • Unit is not outfitted with remote room sensors
  • Some may find the price of the unit a bit on this deep side

ecobee Smart Thermostat

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For those looking for a thermostat that can be easily controlled without the use of your smart device, a voice-operated system could be a good choice. The next thermostat we’re looking at is designed to do this and so much more.


This smart thermostat takes the term smart to a whole new level. Most typical thermostats that are under this bracket simply can be managed via an app. With the ecobee thermostat, though, you not only get things like smart sensors and several features that allow you to customize the temperature in the home, but you also get voice activation.

This thermostat is crafted with the smart home and away system, which allows the unit to automatically adjust the temperature when you are away. It is also outfitted with a feature that allows it the ability to do its job when energy is less expensive, which in the end will, of course, help save even more money.

On top of all of that, the unit is crafted to be customized as it is compatible with several third-party pieces of hardware. This will elevate the efficiency and allow it to become even more of an asset in the home. Not only that, but it comes with a more compact sensor that gives you better range, battery life, and sensitivity. The unit itself is designed with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and a touch screen interface that is easily read.

The unit is not perfect, though, as there are a few issues with its design and integration. Though the unit can be used with the Alexa unit, many have found that the integration of these two devices can be quite challenging. Along with that, the programming features when it comes to complex scheduling are also quite frustrating.


  • Unit is designed to be customizable and has several pieces of extra hardware that can be used to do so
  • Crafted with an amazing touch screen interface that elevates the usability
  • Designed with a new, more compact sensor that improves range and battery life
  • Thermostat is designed with a dual-band Wi-Fi


  • Some find integration with the Alexa unit frustrating
  • Use of the programming features when it comes to complex schedules is taxing

Mysa Smart Thermostat

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For homeowners looking for a smart thermostat for an electric baseboard heater, few will match up to the features and benefits given by the next thermostat we will be looking at.


This thermostat is designed for high forward line voltage systems. That means that it is compatible with 120- 240V electric baseboards as well as electric fan heaters, but it does require a neutral or second livewire to be used. As long as it meets those requirements, this unit can be used and has been known to save up to 26% of energy bills.

The thermostat itself is compatible with multiple smart home systems and has an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic design that will not interfere with the aesthetic of a home. Once you have opened up the step-by-step online guide and videos, the installation of the unit takes little to no time.

There are a lot of great things about this unit, including the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Having this included in the system means there will be no extra expenditure when it comes to this aspect. But where it really shines is the high-quality sensors used when it comes to temperature and humidity assessment. These sensors give the unit a heightened precision that is competitive when compared to other models of its type.

Although the minimalistic simple design is a plus when it comes to the aesthetic, this also means that there is less information available for you upon looking at the display. This may be a problem for some who are looking to control their environment down to the tee. On top of that, though, there is an online guide and videos to help you with installation. If you’re unfamiliar with the wiring of this system, it could be a little challenging at first.


  • No need to purchase an additional Wi-Fi adapter as the unit comes with one built-in
  • The app is designed to be simple to understand and use
  • Overall aesthetic of the unit is stylish and industrial
  • Unit is crafted with high-quality sensors for temperature and humidity for improved precision


  • Simplistic design means there is less information available on the thermostats display
  • Unit has confusing wiring when compared to standard thermostats

Final Verdict

No matter if someone is trying to keep their home warm or cool, having a high-quality thermostat available to use will ensure this. Not only will the home be able to maintain a perfect temperature for those inside it, but with the right smart thermostat, you will also be able to save some money. The units above are some of the best smart thermostats on the market today, so no matter which one the homeowner chooses, it will be the right one.

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