xFyro ANC earbuds on desk next to black charing and storage case

xFyro ANC Pro Review – Battery Life for Days?

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xFyro ANC earphones bring active noise-cancelling with Bluetooth 5.0 at a competitive price

xFyro has demonstrated an incredible ability to market their products. However, the reviews on the sound quality are mixed from audiophiles and I’m not sure my review is going to be any different.

xFyro ANC Pro earphones in case with the lid open on a white desk
xFyro ANC Pro in charging case | Make Life Click

They have certainly made the most of ‘paid for’ celebrity endorsements and I applaud their marketing skills in raising the profile of the brand to where it is. God knows it’s tough launching an audio brand in this busy market.

xFyro ANC Pro case and earbuds sitting next to each other on a while table.

xFyro ANC Pro earphones

The xFyro deliver at about the right level for the price point. A good allrounder with a pleasant sound profile and amazon battery life. While they feel a little light and awkward to the touch, the serve up what most people will need. No audiophile level, but that’s OK.

The xFyro ANC Pro true wireless earbuds are not bad earphones and in a market where getting Apple AirPods Pro is going to cost you your annual Starbucks budget, any good and affordable true wireless earphones with active noise-cancellation and Bluetooth 5.0 can’t be a bad thing.

At the time of writing these were selling at 50% off a retail price of $299 making them $150. So, are they worth it?

Let’s address the obvious features that make these standout

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Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC)

From my time owning various ANC earphones, true wireless or not, including the Sony WF1000XM3 and the Apple AirPods Pro I have struggled to find any units that beat the effortless use, solid sound and excellent ANC abilities of the AirPods Pro. 

The xFyro are OK. The ANC works as does their transparency mode but it’s not going to give you the feeling that you’re suddenly isolated from the environment around you, or give you the feeling of being underwater. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, with the AirPods and Sony XM3 being an 8, these would get a solid 5 or 6. Again, consider the price difference here. You get what you pay for and at least it works well enough at all.

You can activate the ANC and Transparency modes by pressing and holding the right side earbud for a few seconds. Ambient noise can still be heard in ANC mode but the edges of other sounds are reduced.

With ANC on (and no music playing), I can still hear the sound of other keyboards in the office tapping away in the distance but it’s certainly less distracting than without, and we do have a very ‘live’ office with hardwood floors. Add a little music and it’s all good.

The background noises and ambient noise when in transparency mode almost sounded amplified, a little more artificial than I would like. This isn’t a mode I would use voluntarily. I do use it on 

Bluetooth Connectivity

These have reconnected to my MacBook Air (M1) with little hassle. I’ve not charged them for weeks but they have held a charge well for the times I have used them. 

When I open the case and put them in my ears, they connect to my laptop with no problem and off I go.

I haven’t tried switching them between iPhone and Macbook too often but I expect with Bluetooth 5.0 they are maximising the solid connectivity available.

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On this front, they are quick and effective. On the first connection it took a little fiddling and to be honest, I don’t remember exactly what I did but I know I didn’t read the manual which might have saved some pain and suffering.

Battery Life and Charging

xFyro ANC Pro earphones Charging Case showing the LED lights on earbuds charging
Charging time and battery life are impressive

On this front, I am really pleasantly surprised. I charged these when I first received them from xFyro and haven’t plugged them in since. That was about a month ago. I’ve listened to them a few times and today I gave them a good 2-3 hour workout. 

If I had reviewed them on earlier listens I might have given a much harsher review but after their battery performance I definitely have second-guessed a few opinions.

xFryo says you can get 10 hours of battery life playback and up to 9 full charges from the case from a single charge (90 hours). I’m not sure if Bluetooth 5.0 helps extend the lifespan of these wireless earbuds.

There is a USB-C quick charge connection on the case (no wireless charging here but what do you expect for the price people!) which makes quick work of an energy top-up.

Wireless Headphones Range

We have a single floor office which is open but there are walls to the kitchen. My home is not particularly open planned and I have a million digital signals crossing all over the place – mostly WiFi but some BlueTooth devices also.

Not once did the xFyro ANC Pro drop connection or give me any concerns around signal strength or a loss of sound quality. I spent time walking outside the main office, made some Tea, visited with washroom (TMI?) and didn’t notice any signal drop. 

I can’t actually say I’ve had as much success with my AirPods Pro. Well done xFyro, as far as wireless headphones go, they’ve done well.

Water Resistance

These are IPX5 water resistance rated. This doesn’t mean they are waterproof earbuds by any stretch of the imagination. They should be OK if you’re running or exercising in the rain, maybe up to 5-10 minutes of direct rain exposure without too much of a problem. 

If you’re sweating in the gym, equally so, the water-resistant nature of the xFyro wireless earbuds should hold up to it just fine. 

Phone Calls and Video Conferencing

I don’t tend to do a lot of phone calls but I do a fair amount of video conferencing, google meet, zoom calls, slack and Microsoft teams meetings online. 

Today I did some slack huddles and these sounded fine according to the other end of the call. It’s not easy to self-assess these without giving them to other people to use and I’m not big on sharing earbuds, COVID or not.

I wasn’t able to really flex these in a busy environment but I’ll have a go over the next couple of days and update as I go.


This is the first of my two big concerns with these wireless headphones. I struggled to easily get these into my ear canals. They just didn’t sit naturally in my ear and I had to push them in quite firmly to create a suitable seal.

Comfortable earbuds can often benefit from the right kind of ear tips. There are three ear tips available in the retail package so make sure you try all of them, even if you feel like you have a decent fit with one. Sometimes it might surprise you to get an even better fit with another set of ear tips.

Oddly, and what I didn’t expect is once I got them in there they seemed to hold. This surprised me because they really don’t sit very far into the ear canal.

If you’ve used wireless earphones with active noise-cancelling before you’ll know that it’s important to have a good seal. You won’t maximise the ANC effect if you have noise spilling in from the side.

The AirPods Pro have perfected this in-ear canal fit perfectly and the xFyro just feel like they might fall out at any time, or at least, that it’s going to take some effort to get a good fit.

Now, in saying all of that I have to say once the xFyro ANC Pro were in, and seated as well as I could get them, they did spend an hour or two in there with no noticeable ear fatigue or discomfort.

Comfort and good fit have to go hand-in-hand. If you have one and not the other, it just doesn’t work. Even at this price range, I expect a good fit.

I prefer the ‘hang in the ear’ type of fit of the AMC Pro rather than the xS2. I think they just work for more ear types.

Sound / Audio Quality

Finally, a section that I always put at the end of my reviews but should always come first. 

The xFyro sound good, not great, and you have to make sure you get a good fit in your ear canal. If you have any sound spill through the silicon ear tips you will notice a significant lack of bass – this is typical of any wireless earphones or in-ear monitors in this space.

You want to feel that even though there is no music or ANC enabled that there is still a feeling of noise isolation to the outside world.

If the sound is good, not great, why would I still consider giving these a recommendation I hear you ask? Fair question. The truth is there are so many things wireless earphones like the xFyro ANC Pro offer beyond just good sound.

A few include:

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  • Great battery life
  • True wireless earbuds
  • Use for phone calls and music
  • Volume, ANC, Smart assistant (Siri/Google) access from the controls on the earbud

Sometimes the convenience and practicality of a true wireless earphone with ANC means that if they sound pretty good, that’s enough to make them worth the purchase.

If you are an audiophile then I would suggest true wireless headphones are just not quite there in terms of sound quality. My review of the Sony WF1000XM3 vs Apple AirPods Pro also supports that conclusion.

If you can live with the cables then there are some excellent budget IEMs that will give you better sound quality.

The xFyro Pro have a decent Bass response (if you have the earbuds seated in your ear well) and good balance through the mids and treble. Bass stands out more to comment on rather than the treble and high end but it’s there.

I’d have to say as a working earphone, commuter pair or ‘i need something for every situation’ then these will be sufficient. They won’t move you in such a way that you want to jump up and dance on your office chair or swing down the aisle on the train but, they sound pretty good.

If the price stays sub $150 then they are more than a contender for other brands like mpow, Anker and other affordable ANC wireless earphones.

Voice Assistants and Controls

Out of the box, the xFryo ANC Pro come with Siri and Google Assistant available. This can be activated with a long press on the left earbud. 

A long press on the right earbud activates ANC (active noise-cancelling mode) and a second long press activates AI transparency mode. I’m not sure if I noticed the AI (Artificial Intelligence).

A single touch on left earbud decreases the volume and single touch on right earbud increases volume.

What’s in the Retail Box?

  • xFyro ANC Pro True Wireless earbuds
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • Charging case
  • 3 different sizes of ear tips
  • Information leaflet with instructions

Pros – Things I liked about the xFryo ANC

  • I like the battery life.
  • The fact that everything worked they way I would expect it too.
  • I liked not faffing about with Bluetooth connections – they just work
  • I liked that audio on video calls sounded good
  • Single use earbuds is an option – don’t need to wear both

Cons – The things I’d like to see in the next version

  • More work on the in-ear canal fit
  • Making it easier to get these out of the case – it’s frustrating at times
  • Smaller form factor


Are xFyro earbuds waterproof?

No, but they can be used in direct showers for 5-10 minutes

How do I charge my xFryo?

There is a USB-A to USB-C cable included for charging your earbuds


The xFyro surprised me. They felt cheap and light but everything worked and the sound quality was good.

I expected poor phone call quality but people on the other end said the audio sounded great. 

The case was awkward to use and very light yet it powered the units with seemingly everlasting battery power.

The volume controls on the earbuds even worked which I can’t say is true of all true wireless earbuds

The ANC wasn’t spectacular but definitely acceptable and made enough of a difference to justify the extra cost. While the sound isolation took some fiddling it was decent once achieved.

I guess…that means despite my intentions to not recommend these, I’d have to say for the price (~$150) they aren’t too bad at all. 

If that’s your budget, or if you want a good all-rounder set of wireless earbuds then the xFyro ANC are worth a look.

Thanks to xFyro for letting me review these. I was going to do a giveaway with them but I’ll certainly keep them in the family for ongoing use. 

xFyro ANC earbuds on desk next to black charing and storage case
xFryo ANC Pro True Wireless earbuds
Sound Quality
ANC Quality
Build Quality
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