Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen is 45% Off!

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen

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If you are looking for a great outdoor security camera, the Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen is a great pick. It comes with all the security features that you would want to see in a home security system.

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Blink Outdoor is a weather-resistant security camera that goes where wires can’t.

And it has an easy installation process. The great part is that the 3-camera Outdoor package from Blink is currently on sale. 

It is now going for 45% less than the original price, which makes the whole bundle more affordable than ever. But should you get the 3-camera Blink Outdoor package?

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen
Source: Blink; Outdoor

Well, as mentioned earlier, it comes with all the security features you would want in a robust home security system. Among them, you have motion detection alerts.

The sensors of the Blink Outdoor Wireless cameras can detect when someone is within the customized motion zones. And once they detect a presence of an object or a person, you will get a notification straight to your Blink Home Monitor app

This will help you stay alert even when you are not home. There are microphones and speakers inside the Blink Outdoor security cameras.

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen
Source: Blink; Indoor

Thanks to that, you can use these devices to hear and speak to visitors in real time. This could come in handy in many different scenarios.

For example, you can use the feature to acknowledge a delivery when you are away from home. When you are at home, it will let you talk with the visitor before opening the door and leaving you vulnerable.

There’s support for Alexa too. You can integrate it with Alexa-enabled devices to control the cameras with voice commands. But what about the video quality?

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen
Source: Blink; Mini

Well, Blink Outdoor has high-quality sensors. Even though they can not capture in 4K, the HD quality is more than enough for monitoring and surveillance. 

The units also come with infrared night vision, which will let you see clear details at night. The battery life of the Blink Outdoor is excellent too. The devices run on two AA batteries, which can run up to two years. 

The great part is that the packages come with batteries. So, you will not need to purchase anything extra to get the cameras up and running.

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen
Source: Blink; Floodlight Camera

On that note, the cameras are designed in such as way that you can set them up in minutes. You will not need to worry about complex wiring, nor will you have to stress about professional installations.

Thanks to the robust build of the Blink Outdoor, the cameras can withstand harsh environmental conditions. You will not need to get them replaced anytime soon.

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Blink Outdoor (3rd Gen)

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