BLON x Z Jojo Earphones Review – A Bizarre Collaboration?

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones

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Release Date
June 28, 2023
3.84 oz
3.94 x 1.97 x 3.94 in

The BLON x Z Jojo is one of BLON’s latest offerings. While many of their products are budget-friendly, they’re also known to be of high quality. The Jojo is a product from BLON’s collaboration with Zeos Pantera, a YouTuber better known as Z Reviews, and this IEM has been tuned to his bass-head standards.

As we can all remember, BLON made a very excellent reputation in the audiophile community with the release of the BL-03, which still leaves listeners astounded with its bass-centric sound signature coming from a single dynamic driver.

This is my first IEM from BLON, and in this post, we’ll see how it sounds and if it’s worth the hype. Before anything else, I want to thank our friends from Linsoul for sending me this unit in exchange for an honest review. Let’s get to it!

Best Value

BLON x Z Jojo

A sturdy and aesthetically pleasing IEM for bass lovers

Price Range: $
Brand: BLON
BLON x Z Jojo Earphones inside the cut out


The BLON x Z Jojo is an IEM from the BLON and Z Reviews collaboration. This IEM delivers a heavily emphasized bass region, recessed midrange, and a moderate extension in the highs. I like how massive the bass is presented. However, I think it won’t satisfy listeners who prefer neutrality.

At around $50, I also think that it’s a bit overpriced as there are a lot of IEMs that offer better sound quality for less.

The Specs

  • Driver:  10mm Composite Membrane Dynamic Driver
  • Cable Type:  3.5mm Four-Strand Silver-Plated Aluminum Foil Wire
  • Cable Length:  1.2m
  • Plug Type:  3.5mm
  • Pin Type:  0.78mm 2-Pin Connector
  • Frequency:  20 – 20000Hz
  • Impedance:  16Ω
  • Sensitivity:  106dB

What’s in the Box?

  • BLON x Z Jojo earphones
  • 3.5mm to 2-pin 0.78mm detachable cable
  • 9 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Small sackcloth pouch
  • User manual

Stuff I like

  • Massive bass presentation
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Great cable quality
  • Smooth treble

Stuff I like less

  • Subpar technicalities for $50
  • Good but messy bass
  • Too recessed midrange
  • Lacking air and sparkle

Comparable products to consider


The BLON BL-03 is a solid all-rounder IEM for under $40. It has a warm sound signature that fits most genres and is also suitable for gaming and binge-watching movies.

KB Ear KS2
KB Ear KS2

If you like an IEM with a bass-centric presentation, the KB Ear KS2 is a great budget option. It has a V-shaped tuning with well-controlled mids and sparkly treble.

Review Metrics

Sound Quality: 7
Bass: 7
Mids: 8
Treble: 7
Sound Isolation: 9
Build Quality: 10
Comfort & Fit: 8
Value for Money: 7
Accessories: 7
Review Metrics Average: 7.78 / 10

First Impressions

Right off the bat, the BLON x Z Jojo impressed me with its unusual color choice of lavender and gold. I also have a gut feeling that this was heavily inspired by a character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo’s Stand).

The Jojo comes in an OEM Box that shows the logos of BLON and Z Reviews and a graphics version of the IEM. On the back of the box, you’ll find a brief but detailed background of Z Reviews and, of course, BLON. Meanwhile, the left side of the box shows the technical specifications of the IEM.

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones - Design
Oval design with an all-metal body | Make Life Click

Opening the packaging shows the earphones resting on a plain foam tray covered by a thick plastic sheet. Underneath, you’ll find the rest of the inclusions, such as the sackcloth pouch, cable, user manual, and the nine pairs of stock ear tips in three different types and sizes. 

I don’t know why they provided so many ear tips for the Jojo as they all feel generic in my opinion.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the BLON x Z Jojo seems pretty solid for an IEM. They’re a bit heavy but not too much for them to be uncomfortable.

The shell has an elongated and elliptical shape that BLON is known for using in their recent IEMs, one example being the BLON BL-05. On the inner face of each shell, there’s a small vent to help improve the bass response. There are no sharp edges or uneven seams on the shell, which indicates excellent manufacturing quality. 

BLON stated that the Jojo is made from a zinc-alloy material to ensure its durability. The brand also stated that the accents on the faceplate are plated with 18K gold, which gives it a premium look.

The nozzles are short compared to that of other IEMs but it’s a good thing they included a lip for each nozzle to secure the ear tips. The ear tips are okay for starters who are just exploring the different performances of each size and type of different ear tips. However, they don’t fit my preference.

As for the cable, I’m surprised with how great the quality is. It also comes in a color that complements the lavender color scheme very well. The cable is a four-strand, 2-pin, 0.78mm silver-plated aluminum foil wire that terminates to a 3.5mm straight plug. It also has a chrome-plated metal splitter.

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones - Nozzle
The small nozzle and rounded shape ensure an excellent fit | Make Life Click

Fit and Comfort

When I first tried the BLON x Z Jojo, it took me a few minutes to find the perfect fit for my ears. Actually, the fit is quite decent if paired with the most accurate ear tip size. The short nozzles gave me a bit of a struggle with the fit as they don’t go deep, which is why the Jojo has to rely on the tips for a good fit and seal.

My only real problem with the Jojo is how stiff the cable is, plus the ear tips sometimes detach accidentally despite having a lip on its nozzles.

All in all, the BLON x Z Jojo is a great IEM in terms of fit and comfort. Take note that my comments on this aspect are subjective and purely based on my experience. The wearing comfort may vary as it still depends on the user’s ear shape and size.

Sound Quality

The BLON x Z Jojo has a warm V-shaped tuning with a lot of bass. This is definitely an IEM for bass heads due to its massive bass presentation, but other listeners may find this type of bass a bit overbearing.

Regarding genre compatibility, I think Jojo would perform well with energetic songs such as EDM, hip-hop, pop, R&B, and rock because of its emphasis on the lower region. It would also work well with orchestral music due to its warmth, which contributes greatly to imitating a concert hall’s natural acoustics.

To better understand Jojo’s performance, let’s set the regions apart and discuss them individually.


I honestly don’t know what to feel with the bass region of the BLON x Z Jojo. The bass response is the highlight of the Jojo but it’s also a drawback.

The extension in the sub-bass can go really deep and even reach the lowest octave, giving the Jojo a rumbly sub-bass and impact the track needs. Drum kicks also reverberate in my eardrums, providing just enough rumble, especially with Måneskin’s “I Wanna Be Your Slave.”

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones - Cable
Mixed colored 4-strand cable | Make Life Click

The mid-bass is also well-presented in the lower region, providing warmth on the frequency but they’re not as prominent as the sub-bass. The lower midrange is also affected by the dense note weight and leak causing congestion at higher volumes.

In summary, the bass response of the BLON x Z Jojo will satisfy most bass lovers out there with this type of presentation.


The dominating sub-bass affects the midrange, especially in the lower mids.

The upper mids of the BLON x Z Jojo are decent with the presence it gives in the mix, but some details are left out. The vocals are sort of sitting at the back rather than being neutral due to the coloration in the mids. Male vocals sound like they lack a bit of body, while female ones sound more authentic.

Veiling is also noticeable at times, which makes vocals overshadowed by the frequencies with more prominence. The instruments have a warm personality rather than crispness. This makes trumpets, violins, and chimes sound lacking but makes specific guitars and pianos perform better.

Despite its shortcomings, the midrange presentation is smooth and thick, with another notable feature being its naturality.


The treble is playing it safe as it tends to avoid harsh peaks and sibilance. But even with this “good enough” tuning, there are still some issues.

The extension in this region isn’t that noticeable as the treble is pleasant but not energetic. The cymbal hits aren’t rendered very well because they’re dull and a bit dark. Hi-hats are somehow better in terms of presence. The BLON x Z Jojo also lacks air and sparkle due to its safe tuning.

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones - Accessories
What’s in the box | Make Life Click


The BLON x Z Jojo’s soundstage is wide enough to create a sense of dimensionality. However, it lacks the depth I prefer with IEMs.

The separation and layering are on the average side, and pinpointing where the instruments are coming from was tricky due to the bass bleed. The resolution and detail retrieval are also mediocre, as most micro-details were neglected.

Linsoul BLON x Z Reviews JoJo 10mm Dynamic Driver in Ear Monitor HiFi IEM Earphone with Detachable Silver-Plated OFC Aluminum Cable, 2Pin Connector for Audiophile Musician (BLON x Z Reviews JoJo)
BLON x Z Jojo


With everything being said, the BLON x Z Jojo does a lovely job of satisfying bass lovers but for other in-depth listeners, it may be a big disappointment. For $50, I think it’s overpriced as there are other options in the market with better specs and performance.

On the upside, the BLON x Z Jojo’s sturdy build and good-looking cable are definitely a plus. And if you like a big bass presentation on an IEM, then this one would fit your listening needs and preferences.

BLON x Z Jojo Earphones
BLON x Z Jojo
Sound Quality
Build Quality
Comfort and fit
Value for money

Shaik, a college student, part-time musician, and proud fur parent. Currently pursuing his degree in architecture.

As a part-time musician, Shaik enjoys expressing his self creatively through music. Whether it's writing original songs or performing covers, music is a significant part of Shaik's life

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