MLC Testing Procedures v1.2

It’s important to understand how we undertake testing and overall scores and ratings for products on Make Life Click.

These are some of the key elements we consider when reviewing products.

Some of these criteria change based on the product being evaluated.

Some of these criteria also change over time as we develop more advanced testing methodologies.

Overall Ratings and Reviews

All products are given a total rank or review score. This is both a summary of parts of scoring but also includes elements beyond just the core criteria.

Core Criteria for all Reviews

The following are considered for the Core Criteria (CC):

  • Build Quality (BQ)
  • Value for Money (VFM)
  • Features
  • Accessories


  • Bass Response
  • Mids Response
  • Treble Response
  • Soundstage
  • Battery Life (Wireless Headphones Only)
  • Connectivity
  • PRAT (Pace Rhythm & Timing)


  • Bass Response
  • Mids Response
  • Treble Response
  • Soundstage
  • PRAT (Pace Rhythm & Timing)
  • Connection Stability (Bluetooth Speakers Only)

Smart Home

  • Connection Stability
  • Response Speed
  • Interoperability
  • Accompanying App


Why do cheap products get high reviews?

There are times we review cheap or ‘budget’ products. These can often score high and this is based on a Quality to Value ratio (QVR). e.g. A $50 set of ANC headphones may not sound as good, be built as well nor be as comfortable as $400 set of ANC headphones but as the price variation is so different, these two products are given total marks based on their QVR.
QVR includes the CC assessment results and any other testing criteria based on the product being reviewed. e.g. Headphones have sound quality and audio ratings, Cameras have picture and clarity ratings etc.
If the product stands above the competition, performs well in the Core Criteria (CC) assessments and meets sound quality, build quality and rates well for over all Value for Money ratio (VFM) the it can easily achieve a full score. This is based on the overall QVR most of all.

Products Reviewed

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