What To Consider When Buying Headphones For Running

What To Consider When Buying Headphones For Running

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Various workout routines call for different kinds of headphones. This is because earphones are a great companion, pushing you to keep going without getting bored.

Choosing a suitable headphone can make it easier to stick to any workout routine and accomplish it as desired. 

Most people like listening to music while running. It can make the run more enjoyable and motivate you to keep going and not quit. And it all starts with buying premium quality headphones.

With that in mind, the following outlines the significant factors to consider when purchasing headphones for running.

1. Price

Headphones can be pricey, especially those with exceptional durability, sound quality, and looks. The design and inherent features of headphones and the technology used can also make them more expensive.

For instance, headphones with advanced features—such as a wireless mode of operation, noise cancellation, and water resistance—are typically priced higher than average. Don’t hesitate to purchase these high-end models if you have the money. 

On the other hand, you can opt for cheaper headphones, but cheap can be more expensive as quality may be compromised.

So, when making choices, always prioritize quality to avoid regrets and ending up with non-functional headphones.

Furthermore, it’s best to visit physical or online shops like technopoint.com.au to find out and compare headphone models and prices.

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Bose QC 35 ANC Headphones | Make LIfe Click

2. Battery Life

It’s essential to pay attention to how long the headphone’s battery can last per charge. Your music must last long enough from the start to the end of your race to give you enough boost to push to your limits.

To achieve this, consider buying headphones with high-capacity batteries that last several hours. A long-lasting battery also saves you the need to charge them all the time.

Another battery feature is fast-charging. At the current level of technological development, it beats logic to charge your headphone for several hours.

You can now charge a depleted battery within minutes, perhaps during a short break from running, and resume listening to your favorite tunes.

3. Portability And Comfort

Running headphones should feel comfortable over your head and ears as you work out.

Preferably, they should be as light as possible. Heavy ones can exert undue pressure on your ears, making you uncomfortable and distracting you while running.

In addition, running with uncomfortable headphones can hurt your ears, making running less enjoyable and affecting your overall performance.

Notably, running is a dynamic sport that requires your body to move up and down.

Thus, the stability of your headphones is quite essential. Having secure and fit headphones will prevent them from falling off now and then, interfering with your exercises.

4. Water Resistance

Running makes you sweaty. You would want to avoid wearing headphones that get wet and soaked in sweat. So, check the headphones’ ingress protection (IP) rating before purchasing.

IP rating represents the level of protection any device provides against the intrusion of objects, either solids or liquids. Adequate waterproofing will save your headphones from packing up with water, accelerating damage. 

Sometimes, it can rain while you’re on the field with your headphones on. And you would want to avoid your activity cut because of rain.

Hence, fully waterproof headphones come in handy in this case. Moreover, splash resistance safeguards your headphones from water-related damage. 

Additionally, you may want to clean your headphones after vigorous activity. Mud and dust particles can make them dirty.

Good water resistance will allow you to clean your gadget and make it look more appealing again without damaging it.

Most Comfortable Headphones for Running and Workouts – Headphones For Running
Source: JumpStory

5. Safety

The best headphones to buy should have an ear through to enable you to have situational awareness while running. A typical running route is characterized by hooting cars, bicycles, or motorbikes, which might hit you if you don’t hear them approaching.

Open-ear headphones are the best for running, as they feature active noise cancellation technology.

This technology can minimize or block external sounds you don’t want to hear but allows critical safety sounds, such as car hoots.

It’s also necessary to be conscious of the volume of your headphones. Exposure to too much noise can hurt your eardrum and result in hearing loss.

So, choose headphones with excellent volume control capabilities. It’d also help if you aim for healthy listening habits. You can try an arm-length check; if you can’t hear someone within arm’s length speaking to you, then the volume is too loud.

6. The Ability To Make And Receive Calls

Headphones come in different types and categories, with some wireless sports headphones allowing you to communicate while running. You can make and receive calls whenever the need arises.

When your phone rings, it pauses the soundtrack and swaps to the call. After answering the call, you press the button again, and it takes you back to listening to music.

7. Fit And Style

Since people’s ears vary widely in shape and size, selecting the headphones that perfectly fit you is crucial.

So, it’s best to find the ones that comfortably fit your ear without straining to ensure that your earbuds feel good throughout your run.

Running is a high-intensity workout; in this case, in-ear sports headphones with stabilizers could significantly help while you’re running.

A stabilizer is an ear fin or wing tip meant to secure the earphone on your ear firmly. They come in multiple sizes; find an ideal one. 

In addition, go for adjustable earbuds that firmly fit into your ear’s ridges. This is because earbuds have some sort of hook that goes over the ear to provide extra support.

Wearing it correctly will keep it in place irrespective of how much you jump up and down.

Moreover, headphones come in different pairs and sizes. They can be small, medium, or large. It’d help if you chose the correct size and fit to avoid discomfort and distractions during running.

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OneOdio A10 Focus ANC Headphones | Make Life Click


Thanks to advancing technology, workout activities such as running have become relatively easy and enjoyable.

One of the best things you can do to keep yourself motivated is to put on headphones to listen to your favorite tunes while on the track.

Selecting the most comfortable pair and size of headphones helps you enjoy your time while running, minimizing fatigue and boredom. This plays a critical role in enhancing your performance while on track.

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