Campfire Audio Launches Reimagined Versions of Andromeda and Solaris

Campfire Audio Andromeda

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If you know Campfire Audio, you probably know it has a huge lineup of audio accessories with funky designs. Basically, the central theme of its products is angular designs, which are prevalent throughout every offering.

And the brand does not want to move away from its design choice. The audio brand has wholly redesigned the Solaris and Andromeda models with the latest releases. 

And as you might have guessed, the designs of the latest offerings stick closer to the aesthetically-focused roots. In fact, Campfire claims that the team has redesigned the offerings from the ground up.

Campfire Audio Andromeda
Andromeda; Source: Campfire Audio

So, the new offerings of Campfire Audio consist of the Solaris Stellar Horizon and Andromeda Emerald Sea in-ear monitors (IEMs). 

However, it is not like the exterior design of the IEMs has changed. Instead, the brand stated that the models have gone through a complete reinvention.

That is, the Campfire Audio Solaris and Andromeda models are completely brand-new offerings. You will notice a new acoustic design and ergonomic shell construction with the Andromeda Emerald Sea. 

Campfire Audio Andromeda
Andromeda; Source: Campfire Audio

And hopefully, that will offer better overall sound. Now, the Andromeda Emerald Sea is the main highlight, as the originals lacked true sonic cohesion. 

Reviewers found that there was an unpleasant harshness in the midrange. The fans hope that Campfire Audio had such reviews in mind when redesigning the new IEMs.

Under the hood, the new Campfire Audio Andromeda model has five new custom dual-diaphragm balanced armature drivers. 

Campfire Audio Solaris
Solaris; Source: Campfire Audio

These drivers are present in each housing, which aims to offer greater overall stability and lower distortion across the range.

Campfire Audio also claims the new models offer “expanded acoustic range, lower sensitivity… and a sweet analog glow to its sonic signature.” 

These aim to deliver tangible results for the end users. Regarding Solaris, the new Stellar Horizon model promises a “top-to-bottom revolution.” 

Campfire Audio Solaris
Solaris; Source: Campfire Audio

With this, the brand is teasing a new shell design, internal components, and updated materials.

And all of these should result in a more significant sonic range and flexibility. On that note, the new Solaris utilizes three custom dual-diaphragm balanced armature drivers. 

According to the brand, these drivers deliver greater output, less distortion, and better high-end performance. The drivers also combine a new “Radial Venting.”

Campfire Audio Solaris
Solaris; Source: Campfire Audio

That venting system surrounds the 10mm dynamic driver. And with that in place, the new Campfire Audio IEMs will offer a much wider soundstage than the originals. 

You will also get a few extra goodies with both models. That includes three headphone cable options, which are 3.5mm stereo, 4.4mm balanced, and 2.5mm balanced.

Finally, both the IEMs will come with unique presentation boxes. And considering the history of the brand, you would want to keep these boxes in good shape as they are indeed decorative pieces.

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