Meet the New LG Xboom Party Speakers

LG Xboom Party Speakers

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The LG Xboom party speakers are best known for offering party-grade sounds. And it seems that LG was not pleased with how the old models were performing. 

So, it decided to revamp the entire lineup by adding two new speakers, the XL7 and XL5. Both the new models from LG aim to offer a much more powerful sound than their predecessors. 

And not to mention, LG wants these new speakers to combine dynamic audio with mood-enhancing lighting effects to bring any party to life.

LG Xboom Party Speakers
OK99; Source: LG

Among the two, the LG Xboom XL7 is on the higher end. It features a power output rating of 250W and utilizes an 8-inch Giant Woofer. 

Combined, the speaker does not fail to offer bolder sounds and a powerful bass that will get the party going.

Judging by the power output and the woofer, the XL7 is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. And LG wants the speaker to deliver powerful sound in both use cases. 

LG Xboom Party Speakers
OK99; Source: LG

That’s why it has integrated Dynamic bass Optimizer, which will offer well-balanced performance in any given condition.

Also, the optimizer will lower the bass distortion level to a minimal level. The LG Xboom XL7 also comes with two 2.5-inch dome tweeters. These do a proper job of offering sound with the highest level of detail and clarity. 

And when it comes to the mood-enhancing system, LG has opted for a Pixel LED lighting system that boasts Animation mode. Animation mode allows the lighting system to express colorful patterns, characters, a visual EQ effect, or customized text.

LG Xboom Party Speakers
OK99; Source: LG

There is another light system present too. For example, LG Xboom XL7 has Multi Color Ring Lighting, which produces flashing effects that sync with the music.

That light system is customizable as well. You can choose your own animations, colors, and patterns or show personalized messages. 

And all these customizations should be easy to take with the companion app. The app even lets you create customized lighting effects according to your playlist.

LG Xboom Party Speakers
ON9; Source: LG

Moving the LG Xboom XL7 will not be an issue as it comes with a telescoping handle. The speaker also has wheels on the bottom. And thanks to the large-capacity battery inside, you can get up to 20 hours of non-stop music.

Other than the XL7, you have the new LG Xboom XL5. It features a 6.5-inch woofer and two 2.5-inch tweeters.

The total power output rating of this one is 200W, which means it will be perfect for indoor parties and great for outdoors. Also, both speakers feature an IPX4 rating, enabling you to enjoy music outdoors without any worries.

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