Can You Use Google Home as a Speaker Without WiFi [Quick Guide]

can you use google home as a speaker without wifi

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Ever the question of can you use Google Home as a speaker without WiFi went through the back of your head? At its core, Google Home is a smart speaker, and it has a Bluetooth chip inside. And anything with Bluetooth should work offline.

But can you use this smart speaker without the internet? You definitely can! And through this guide regarding how to use Google without WiFi, you can get to know everything about the process. 

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Can You Use Google Home as a Speaker Without WiFi?

can you use google home as a speaker without wifi

Imagine listening to your favorite tunes, and the WiFi just cut out. The first thought would be to learn how to connect google home to the hotspot, right? But if you go through these steps, there will be no need to use your phone’s data:

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth Pairing

can you use google home as a speaker without wifi

If you like to use Google Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker for pc and your phone, the first step would be to turn on the pairing mode. And you can do it pretty easily. Just say, “OK Google, Bluetooth pairing,” and the device should turn on the pairing mode.

However, there is another way to enable the pairing mode. Head to the Google Home app and tap on the Google Home device that you want to use a Bluetooth device. You will see an option that says “Paired Bluetooth devices.” Tap on it and select the “Enable Pairing Mode.”

Step 2: Connect Your Mobile Device

can you use google home as a speaker without wifi

When you turn the pairing mode, it will be possible to connect the Google Home speaker to any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. That includes both iPhones and Android Mobiles.

For Android, go to settings, search for the Bluetooth option, turn it on, and tap on the “Search for devices.” Some Android Phones might even have an option called “Pair a new device.” After a while, your Google Home device should appear on the list. Tap on it, and the devices should get paired.

On the other hand, for iPhones, go to the settings, select Bluetooth and give your phone a while to search for devices. After a couple of seconds, your Google Home should appear on the list. If you have renamed your Google Home, it will come up as that name. Tap on it, and the devices should pair automatically.

Step 3: Listen to Your Favorite Tunes Offline

After you make the Bluetooth connection, all that is left for you to do is to start listening to music. Also, note that you will be capable of increasing or decreasing the volume straight for Google Home and from your device.

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Final Notes

Are you Still thinking, can you use Google Home as a speaker without WiFi? You definitely can! And it just takes three simple steps.

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