Is Upgrading Car Speakers Without Amp Really Possible: 5 Best Tips

upgrading car speakers without amp

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So, why would anyone think of upgrading car speakers without amp? To start with, many audio enthusiasts who are used to listening to music through an amped-up home theatre system will find a car’s stock audio components underwhelming. And you can not really blame them. The stock speakers can surely be mediocre sometimes.

However, when someone opts to upgrade car speakers, they really do not want to overhaul the entire system. The best component speakers without amp can do the trick for most cases. Finding that hard to believe? Go through the tips and find it out by yourself!

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Tip 1: Power handling for upgrading car speakers without amp

upgrading car speakers without amp
Car Speakers; Source: Bose

Many believe just getting the best 6×9 speakers without amp would do the trick. But it is more than that! Power handling, otherwise known as power rating, is the first thing that needs to be on your consideration. It is usually in watts, which your speakers would operate in.

When you are getting new speakers, you should ensure that the power rating is not too low or high compared to the factor rating of the amplifier. Otherwise, the speakers will not function optimally. 

Tip 2: Consider full-range speakers

Generally, there are two types of speakers. The first one is full-range, while the other is known as a component speaker. Among both, you should pick the full-range speakers. These speakers can make you notice most of the aspects of the sound, which include the lows, highs, and mids.

Tip 3: Factor in the sensitivity

Another thing that needs to be in your consideration is sensitivity. By ensuring that the sensitivity is relevant to the system, you can get every bit of performance out of the speaker parts. Also, the correct sensitivity level will increase the lifespan of the whole system and make it offer optimal performance for a prolonged time.

Tip 4: Check the materials

Car Speakers Without Amp
Car Speakers; Source: JBL

When you consider upgrading your car’s sound system without an amp, you need to consider three materials: the tweeter material, woofer material, and the materials around the woofer. If you choose a system that utilizes sub-par materials, you will not get extended use out of it. So, put a good amount of priority on the materials.

Tip 5: Weight of the speakers

Last but not least, put the weight of the speakers into consideration. These speakers are not meant to be mobile, but the pressure can affect the lifespan and performance of the system. 

And the weight contributes a lot to the pressure exerted by the speakers. Usually, you want to put the heavy speakers on the sturdy areas and the lighter speakers on the less sturdy regions, such as the door panel. 

Final Thoughts

Upgrading car speakers without amp is totally possible! You just need to keep the tips mentioned above and select the right parts. By doing so, you can make your whole car-listening experience feel out of the world.

Images: JBL and Bose

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