Ophidian Voodoo: Flagship Speakers That Packs a Good Punch

Ophidian Voodoo

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Audio enthusiasts have been expecting a new flagship speaker from Ophidian for quite a while now. And the British manufacturer finally decided to debut it. But what are the Voodoo speakers all about? 

The Ophidian Voodoo is 1.3 meters tall. That makes the flagship speakers comfortably sit in the floor-standing speaker category. However, Ophidian did put all of that space to good use. This floor-standing speaker boasts an Aeroflex bass loading system, which is the proprietary loading system from the manufacturer.

There are two 265 millimeters or 10 inches drivers on the front. Both of them feature a thick anodized aluminum cone. But that is not all! The drivers boast triple shorting rings and dual voice coils. Combined with the aluminum cones, those will do a proper job of reducing the distortion. 

According to Ophidian, they can reduce the distortion level to an absolute minimum. Also, the parts are well-capable of producing bass extension all the down to 26Hz and displacing over an inch of movement.

Ophidian Voodoo
Voodoo Flagship Speakers; Source: Ophidian

Nonetheless, other than the 265 millimeters drivers, there are 180 millimeters or 7 inches mid-bass drivers. These also got the same black anodized aluminum cones. They also have solid aluminum phase plugs. 

However, the impressive thing about the mid-bass drivers is that they feature proper isolation. They are within their damped sub-enclosure. This isolation amps up the overall performance and hinders the cabinet’s external walls from interfering with the sound.

Other than that, the Voodoo speakers sport a 22 millimeters fabric soft-dome tweet. The Sonomex dome features a comparatively large magnet for offering a top-of-the-line transient response. Also, the large roll surround allows a smooth response that extends beyond 20KHz and higher overall power handling.

All of these high-performance designs and parts come with proper wrapping as well. The speakers are currently available in Walnut finish, which should merge well with most interior décor. 

However, you will not have to stick with the Walnut finish if you do not want to. Ophidian also offers the option to get the speakers in a custom high-quality polyester paint finish. But do note that the custom finishes will come at a much higher price.

Ophidian Voodoo
Award-winning Ophidian Speakers

On that note, Voodoo will come with a plinth that features CNC machining. This solid block of aluminum is pretty hefty. It weighs 11 kgs or 24.25 lbs. So, you can say that Ophidian did not skimp one bit when it comes to the overall build quality of this flagship speaker.

That said, as with the other speakers that are from Ophidian, the crossover utilizes exclusive parts from Mundorf. The binding posts are also from a high-end manufacturer, WBT. They are one of the industry leaders in the market.

Overall, the Ophidian Voodoo holds all the rights to be stated as flagship speakers. Everything is top-notch, starting from the build quality to the performance.

Images: Ophidian

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