Choosing from the Chromecast Audio Alternatives – Which One is the Right for You

Choosing from the Chromecast Audio Alternatives

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Google Chromecast Audio is a small disc that allows users to cast their music, podcasts, and more to speakers simply by plugging into its 3.5mm line and accessing power through a Micro USB. Unfortunately, Chromecast Audio became discontinued in 2019, leaving users looking for new Chromecast audio alternatives.

Finding the Best Chromecast Alternative

Finding the Best Chromecast Alternative

Google Chromecast 

Although Chromecast Audio is no longer being produced, Google Chromecast continues to be available. It is a simple Chromecast Audio alternative that allows you to use any stereo or speaker system currently connected to your smart TV. 

Google Chromecast is easy to set up with the Chromecast app. Once you have it, then you just stream directly to Google Chromecast via whatever music service you are using. Chromecast audio stream should show up as a device choice when you are using major audio apps like Spotify or Google Play once you have set it for use in the Google Home application. 

If you don’t have your sound system hooked up to a smart TV, then it takes a little more work. Try using an HDMI splitter so the audio signal will go from the TV to the previously connected audio system. Be aware that it may cause some lag issues so make sure you use high-end cables when hooking things up. 



Audiocast works on the same premise as Chromecast Audio. They look alike, connect in a similar way, and are almost identical in how they work. It is the no-name brand of Chromecast Audio. That being said, it doesn’t always stand up to the Google standard of audio. It works well for most users but is not compatible with all major music and podcast services. It’s a good product for a reasonable price, but you will want to make sure it supports the music and audio streaming services you usually listen to. They have their own app that makes things simple to set up and works with almost any audio device. 

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter

When you hear the name Bose you know you are going to get a good product. Bose makes streaming podcasts and music to your home speakers a breeze. Simply link up the speakers to the home Wi-Fi. The Bose SoundTouch operates on the same basis as Chromecast Audio by connecting to the sound system with cables, and then audio is simply cast over Wi-Fi to play through the speakers up to 30′ Range. It’s a great product that is known for its quality. However, it is more expensive than other Chromecast Audio alternatives on this list. 

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

A Bluetooth speaker or streaming device can’t offer the same high quality as Wi-Fi, but in reality, a Bluetooth adapter is really close in sound quality to Wi-Fi competitors. It’s like Chromecast in many ways – It is small, low-cost, and simple to set up. While it won’t offer identical quality to Wi-Fi systems, you won’t notice the difference with most sound systems. It is also less expensive than a Wi-Fi pass-through.

Wi-Fi Receiver

Wi-Fi Receiver

If you want top-notch sound that equals or outmatches Chromecast Audio, then you need a Wi-Fi-enabled receiver. You cast your music from whichever streaming service you want to use with the receiver. It’s the perfect setup if you have a high quality speaker system. It will offer high-definition listening.

Wi-Fi receivers allow you to control your speaker system directly from your apps. The sound quality is dependent on the quality of the speakers rather than the receiver. If cost is no issue, then a Wi-Fi receiver is going to be the best Chromecast Audio alternative.

Sonos or Bose Speakers

Sonos One SL - Microphone-Free Smart Speaker

If you are building a system from the ground up, you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate Wi-Fi Receiver. Instead, you can buy a complete Wi-Fi-enabled system that includes speakers. 

Sonos and Bose both offer Wi-Fi enabled speakers with a native controller app. Both companies have a reputation for good quality, and they have been specifically designed for streaming music. They have top of the line sound and do not need extra devices to get things working. 

With Sonos, you can buy multiple speakers to easily customize and control their configuration across multiple rooms.

However, these speakers do not come cheap. If you are looking a buying a complete sound system, then you will spend substantially more on a Sonos or Bose setup than with the other products on the list. But the quality is up there with the original Google Chromecast audio if you want to reproduce that sound then this could be the way to go. 

Final Thoughts

There are many solid options to replace your discontinued Google Chromecast Audio, but it takes some research to make sure you find something that works for your current sound system set up as well as your budget. Be wary of extremely low-cost systems, because they may deliver low end sound. Gauge your space and see what Google Audio alternative will work best. While you do not want to buy the cheapest alternative, that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive either. There is a lot of middle ground for good sound at a great price.

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