Cyrus XR Amplifiers Series Finally Achieved Roon Approval

cyrus audio

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Cyrus has announced that the Pre-XR, i7-XR, and i9-XR devices in our XR Series have now been Roon Tested. Being Roon Tested means that Cyrus and Roon have partnered to offer the greatest possible experience when combining Roon software with Cyrus products, so you can just enjoy the music. 

Roon Certification of the XR amplifiers is a critical step in accomplishing that, the Cambridge-based firm notes. Chris Hutcheson, Marketing Director, announced, “This is a critical step in our aim to provide the contemporary music consumer with a choice of devices that not only produce the quality that Cyrus is known for but also provide the cutting-edge user experience that our consumers desire.”

The Cyrus XR Series, which also comprises the CDi-XR and CDT-XR, was announced in December 2020 as an uncompromising collection of discrete audiophile components whose performance takes Cyrus to the pinnacle of transparency and accuracy.

cyrus audio

Cyrus Audio is devoted to offering the greatest possible experience for contemporary music consumers, and having their products Roon Tested is a critical step in that direction. Cyrus supplied Roon with machinery for testing with a range of various operating systems and computers, as well as information regarding the hardware’s design and functionality, as a Roon Tested partner.

Cyrus has a direct partnership with Roon, and in many situations, the Roon support staff has the company’s equipment on hand, allowing consumers to pick Cyrus Audio gear with confidence.

Being Roon Tested ensures that Cyrus and Roon have partnered to offer the greatest possible experience when combining Roon software with Cyrus products, so you can simply enjoy the music.

Roon revolutionizes the music-browsing experience. Automatically locates artist photographs, credits, biographies, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers, and then connects them through links to create a navigable, searchable digital magazine about your complete music collection. 

Additionally, Roon connects all of your own files to the millions of songs accessible on TIDAL and Qobuz, allowing you to begin with familiar music and then explore and discover new music from outside your collection. Roon operates as a server on the majority of Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, with the control point being an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet.

cyrus audio xr series

Cyrus Audio is a highly regarded high-end audio brand headquartered in Cambridgeshire, England. For almost 40 years, the firm has been at the forefront of the audio landscape. Since launching the first Cyrus One amplifier in 1984, the firm has swiftly established itself as a provider of exceptional quality for the most discriminating music fans, creating and producing award-winning audio equipment ever since. 

Cyrus is always proud to be one of the few surviving independent British companies manufacturing its integrated amplifiers, CD players, power amplifiers, and power supplies in the United Kingdom.

(Image Credit: Cyrus Audio)

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