How To Clean iPhone Headphone Jack in 3 Easy Steps

how to clean iphone headphone jack

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Cleaning the headphone jack on your iPhone can be tricky, and that’s why you need to know how to clean iPhone headphone jack. However, the fact is that your iPhone spends most of its time in your pocket or handbag, where dirt, dust, and other untold detritus may rapidly accumulate. 

It is completely unprotected because it is an open port, even if a heavy-duty case secures your iPhone. Fortunately, cleaning your headphone port is relatively straightforward. Let’s learn how to clean the iPhone headphone jack in this quick and easy guide.

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Why Does the iPhone Headphone Jack Don’t Work Sometimes?

how to clean iphone headphone jack

Due to the fact that the headphone jack is an open port, it is susceptible to acquiring garbage from the environment. Additionally, there is no phone case that covers the headphone port at the moment. Due to dust/lint being lodged within the headphone port, your phone may remain in permanent headphone mode even after unplugging.

Best Ways to Clean Headphone Jack iPhone 11

Though headphones nowadays come in different shapes and designs, headphone jacks are not so different on different phone models. That’s why, regardless of your iPhone model, you can use the same tricks to learn how to clean iPhone headphone jack.

How to Clean iPhone Headphone Jack in Easy Steps:

how to clean iphone headphone jack

If you’re having any of these troubles or just want to clean your phone thoroughly, continue reading for three alternative headphone jack cleaning techniques.

1. With Compressed Air

Compressed air can be the safest way to clean your headphone connector. The can’s high-pressure forces air out, effectively eliminating buildup and dust from even the smallest of crevices. Computer stores, electronics shops, and office supply shops are the most common places to purchase compressed air.

Particular cans have a plastic tab to prevent unintentional air release during transportation. Just aim the nozzle squarely at the jack of your headphones. Blast dirt, dust, and lint from the jack by pressing the button. Hopefully, it will do enough.

2. Using Cotton Buds

The good part about this procedure is that it is effortless to perform: all you need is a cotton bud. One minor disadvantage is the possibility that cotton may get lodged in your headphone jack, creating a worse issue than you began with.

3. Using a Paper Clip

An unfolded paper clip is the ideal size for this task. Therefore, if yours seems to be beyond repair in any other way, consider this procedure. Use caution—if you are overly harsh with the clip, it may cause damage to the metal. Ascertain that it is as straight as possible.

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Bottom Line

If your headphone jack is clogged with incredibly stubborn filth or the inside has eroded to the point of dysfunction, you’ll need to contact your phone manufacturer or your insurance provider. However, the bulk of debris may be easily cleared if you know how to clean iPhone headphone jack. These steps discussed above will help.

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