DALI IO-12 Debuts With Class-leading ANC Tech


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DALI is proudly entering the high-end headphone segment of the market with the launch of the DALI IO-12.

With this release, DALI aims to offer authentic HiFi sound through a pair of wireless headphones. And to reach that goal, the brand has taken inspiration and integrated the design elements of its high-end loudspeakers.

Among the design principles, there’s the SMC magnet driver. This driver comes with a low-loss rubber surround, low resonance enclosures, and a rigid paper fiber cone.

Source: DALI

Thanks to such a driver configuration, the DALI IO-12 can offer enhanced clarity and the dynamic capabilities found in the brand’s high-end speaker offerings. Also, with this, the IO-12 becomes the world’s first headset that comes with such tech.

On that note, the design of the IO-12 is geared towards offering the user an immersive HiFi experience. And it doesn’t even matter whether you use the headset in wired or wireless mode.

And the patented SMC magnetic drivers aren’t the only aspect that makes the DALI IO-12 sound good. It also comes with high-performance Sony and Qualcomm chipsets.

Source: DALI

These chipsets enhance the sound production capability of the headset and make it deliver detail-rich and true-to-life sound.

Regarding the audio codecs, the headset is compatible with aptX, aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, AAC, and SBC. These codecs make the IO-12 compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also, it’s worth noting that the headset has Bluetooth 5.2.

In terms of wired listening, you get Hi-Res USB playback. It can offer up to 24-bit/96 kHz, letting you get every note of the audio.

Source: DALI

The wired/wireless headset can offer top-notch noise-cancellation performance. It utilizes class-leading Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) tech. You can eliminate all the distractions while listening to your favorite tracks.

Like the other high-end wireless headphones, the DALI IO-12 comes with transparency mode. With this mode on, you can stay completely aware of your surroundings.

To make the controls easier, the DALI IO-12 comes with voice assistant support. Thanks to this integration, you don’t need to take your phone out to make a call, adjust the volume, or skip a track.

Source: DALI

The headset also features an excellent build quality. It features real leather ear-pads, which enhances the comfort and makes the wireless headphones look aesthetically pleasing. The story is the same for the headband.

When it comes to battery life, the DALI IO-12 can offer up to 35 hours of runtime after a full charging session.

Overall, the headset is a great pick if you’re looking for something high-end that doesn’t compromise one bit in terms of performance. But do note that the price tag is in the high-end range too.

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