Dynaudio Presents a New Focus Series Wireless Sound System with WiSA HT Certification


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Dynaudio announced that three active streaming speakers are available in Dynaudio’s new Focus range. They are the brand’s replacement for the XD series. 

The Focus 10, a two-way tripod speaker, the Focus 30, a 2.5-way floor stander, and the Focus 50, a three-way floor stander are all available. 

They produce “studio quality” performance, according to Dynaudio. The trio supports Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, QPlay, UPnP, Netradio, and Bluetooth, among other streaming options. 

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Image Credit: Dynaudio

The new series is also Roon Ready, to round off the package. In summary, it must be weird not to be able to play anything.

The Focus series is already available in select retailers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and will be accessible globally later this year.

You will can get an improved listening experience since Dynaudio bringing it even closer to the original performance, and collaborating with WiSA expands that audience

The Focus series can even detect if you’re using the grilles and adjust their EQ settings to accommodate. Each speaker has an updated version of the Dynaudio logo on the front that lights up depending on the role it’s doing.

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Image Credit: Dynaudio

The wireless sound system incorporates WiSA HT technology, which is intended to operate well in high-traffic WiFi areas and delivers beautiful multichannel sound wirelessly for high-end audio equipment. 

WiSA HT sends and receives unprocessed 24-bit 48/96 kHz sound across a specialized wireless network it develops, supporting sound systems up to 7.1 and 5.1.2.

WiSA president Tony Ostrom commented, “Dynaudio continues to offer magnificent products that flawlessly mix performance and style. With its smart, inventive speakers that offer outstanding sound, Dynaaudio excels in leading the consumer electronics sector, and the Focus series is no exception.”

He also added, “The speakers can easily interact with and remotely connect to other WiSA HT-certified components, regardless of brand, thanks to their WiSA HT integration. Users will enjoy the genuine spatial sound with the Focus range, which can change any entertainment environment.”

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Image Credit: Dynaudio

Aside from streaming, each speaker in the new Focus series comes with a comprehensive set of physical connections, including a subwoofer output with trigger, Dirac Live tuning options for power users, and WiSA connectivity for easy wireless TV hookups.

Focus employs the same Dynaudio driver technology and amplifiers that Dynaudio uses in its pro studio monitors to provide studio-grade performance. 

Slim cabinets with a traditional Danish design and unsurpassed construction quality are available in four modern finishes and are meant to mix well with real-life home décor.

In 1977, Dynaudio was formed in Skanderborg, Denmark. It is now known as a prominent maker of high-quality sound systems and one of the most prestigious high-end audio firms in the world. 

Dynaudio’s state-of-the-art factory in Denmark develops, engineers, and produces specialist studio systems, as well as vehicle audio, home hi-fi, and consumer loudspeaker products. The firm is known for its innovative driving technology, which is created, manufactured, and updated in-house, as well as its furniture-grade, handmade Danish cabinetry.

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