Dyson Steps up Their Cleaning Game by Announcing Air-Purifying Headphone

Dyson Steps up Their Cleaning Game by Announcing Air-Purifying Headphones

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Yes, you read the title right! Dyson is entering the wearable tech market. And they had decided to do it with noise-canceling headphones. But it is not just any regular headphones that you might find on the shelves. Instead, Dyson has added their unique touch to the pair – Dyson Zone. 

At first glance, you might get quite confused with the headphone. Well, you would not be the only one. But the sci-fi-looking cans are there for a reason. They are there to tackle one of the major issues of living in the city: polluted air. Nonetheless, the cans hold air-purifying filters that aim to improve the quality of the air that will go through your nostrils.

But this type of tech is not new in the market. Razer came up with Razer Zephyr, a mask that had the same goal as the Dyson Zone. However, Dyson promised to outplace what Razer is offering in both function and fashion. However, the air purification capability is not the show’s main star.

Dyson Steps up Their Cleaning Game by Announcing Air-Purifying Headphones

The Dyson Zone has a pair of drivers and the latest noise-canceling tech to make you get a proper morning jogging or outside commuting experience. Again, the company claims that the pair of headphones will offer an audio performance that will be a true rival to some of the best headphones available.

Now, the real question is what the Dyson Zone has to offer to the audiophiles. Well, there is a proper mix of premium features. According to Dyson, the Dyson Zone will have high-performing neodymium electroacoustic system, which can deliver audio as the artist intended it to be delivered.

The system also means that there will be lossless or high-fidelity support. And that is something you can not get from a regular pair of headphones. Even though there is no word regarding spatial audio support, the electroacoustic system does increase Dyson Zone’s potential of having it.

When it comes to the noise-cancellation feature, Dyson Zone offers three options. There are transparency, conversation, and isolation modes available. And just like the name suggests, if you want to get an immersive audio experience out of the Dyson Zone, you would want to switch to isolation mode.

Dyson Steps up Their Cleaning Game by Announcing Air-Purifying Headphones

On that note, the headphones will automatically turn the conversation mode when you pull down the visor. Likewise, it will turn off the air purification mode, and the voices around you will get amplified when you pull the visor down.

Nonetheless, you might want to know the air purification capabilities of the Dyson Zone. Well, according to Dyson, the zone is capable of capturing 99 percent of particle pollution. That includes pollen, bacteria, and dust. It even holds the ability to filter out city gases such as O3, NO2, and SO2. And to offer all of that, it will be using two motors, which will sit inside the headphones’ earcups.

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