Skullcandy And Pit Viper Collaboration: Infusion of True Wireless With ’90s Nostalgia


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Skullcandy has collaborated with Pit Viper, a retro eyewear and skiwear manufacturer, to produce a limited-edition collection of nostalgic earbuds. Skullcandy, the world’s best-selling stereo headphones and best wireless earbuds, today announced a new cooperation with Pit Viper, the world’s biggest online sunglasses store. 

Skullcandy was founded as the first lifestyle audio company. The company is now the #1 selling brand of stereo headphones and best wireless earbuds, with a purpose to “unleash the visceral supremacy of music for everyone.”

On the other hand, Pit Viper is known for its useful yet trendy eyewear, clothes, wild events, and automobile giveaways. Pit Viper’s motto is Demanding RESPECT AND AUTHORITY.

Skullcandy And Pit Viper Collaboration: Infusion of True Wireless With '90s Nostalgia

Grind, Push Active, and Dime true wireless earbuds have been updated with an unbelievably rad, throwback style for individuals who were born to party as part of the limited-edition collection. Paint splatters, iridium lenses, and brilliant neon pink, purple, and blue designs were all inspired by Pit Viper’s Midnight range of spectacles, goggles, scrunchies, and bar belts.

A pair of Pit Viper sunglasses will be included with the first 100 Skullcandy x Pit Viper Push Active sales. The cooperation is only available on and is available worldwide.

Skullcandy And Pit Viper Collaboration: Infusion of True Wireless With '90s Nostalgia

Skullcandy’s Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Klodnicki said, “With Skullcandy and Pit Viper having a passion for the fast-paced outdoor lifestyle and upending the status quo, we didn’t hold back because this cooperation was way past due. We’ve taken on Pit Viper’s famous, crazily retro design, which has swept the worlds of action sports and fashion, allowing our followers to have fun while jamming out in style.”

Emilia Szubzda, Pit Viper’s Marketing Director said in a report, “We’re delighted to unveil a collab that genuinely tickles our interest for music and for enjoying a downright, wicked good time. In a way that no other union could, Pit Viper and Skullcandy concurrently deliver the party to your eyes and ears.”

Grind is a pair of daily earbuds with Skullcandy’s Skull-iQ Active feature technology-enabling hands-free voice control, a forty-hour battery life, and an IP55 rating for sweat and water resistance. They also have a Tile built-in, so if you lose the earbuds, you should be able to find them more easily.

Skullcandy And Pit Viper Collaboration: Infusion of True Wireless With '90s Nostalgia

The Push Active, on the other hand, has many of the same functions as the Push, plus a battery life of 44 hours and a gym-friendly design with ear hooks.

The Dime is the last but not least. These earphones are the most affordable of the three, with a snug fit, IPX4 water protection, and 12 hours of runtime all packed into a small container.

Skullcandy x Pit Viper earplugs are currently available for purchase. The Grind and Push Active are £79.99 / €89.99, while the Dime is £39.99 / €44.99, making the limited-edition earphones £10 more expensive than the ordinary models.

(Images: Skullcandy)

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