Fiido X Folding Electric Bike – Incredibly Smart Design with Sophisticated Intelligence

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike -Low-resistance motor

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The Fiido EBike has stunning looks and smarts.

Folding bikes have been around for over a century, enabling joyriders and commuters to travel with the convenience provided by extra portability.

Battery-powered bikes changed the game even further by transforming traditional pedal-pushing voyages into an effortless transportation experience.

Throughout the lengthy evolution of electric folding bikes, numerous strides were made, but the first quantum leap in this industry was Fiido’s doing.

The long-anticipated and critically acclaimed Fiido X Folding Electric Bike has finally arrived, bringing unprecedentedly powerful features, timeless aesthetics, and a range of benefits for early buyers.

Fiido X Electric Bike
Fiido X Electric Bike – Stunning design | Source: Fiido

Fiido has announced that its freshly launched Fiido X Bike will be available at a significantly reduced price throughout November; starting on the 1st Nov until the 15th, folding electric bike riders, fans, and enthusiasts can buy Fiido X for $1.599 and save up to $69.07 on X Bike accessories.

Furthermore, the first 100 consumers fast enough to pursue this lucrative opportunity will receive an adaptable battery, foot pedal, and a mug bracket as well. 

Find Your X Factor with Fiido X and shave $200 off the original price by using the Fiido coupon code “FX20”.

Starting on the 16th Nov until the end of the month, the reduced Fiido X price will remain at $1,599 while consumers searching for the strongest folding electric bike on the contemporary market will be able to save up to $46.05 on Fiido X accessories.

The gratis features (adaptable battery, foot pedal, and mug bracket) will also be presented to the first 100 buyers. Find Your X Factor, and Find Your Fiido X by entering the code “FX20”.

Fido X eBike top view looking down on the bike showing the collapsible frame

The Fiido X Difference

Minimalist Fashion

The Fiido X folding electric bike was designed to raise the bar of aesthetics in style.

The one-piece construction and gorgeous construction of this bike are sure to attract the attention of passersby while the bike’s simplistic design promotes easy, convenient riding.

The battery is safely tucked under the seat and mounted on a sliding track but more importantly, its cordless connection does not interfere with the bike’s wiring and ensures a safe ride. 

The integrated LED lights make it perfect for nighttime commutes, illuminating the road ahead even under pitch-black conditions.

Adjustable seat range & Size diagram
Fiido X Folding Electric Bike – size diagram | Fiido
  • One-piece frame
  • Removable seat tube battery
  • Cordless battery sliding track
  • OEM LED lights and taillight
  • Hidden folding structure
  • Skidproof, anti-slip tires
Folding mechanism
Collapse it down and fit it in a car trunk or in public transport

A Comfortable & Elegant Riding Experience

Fiido noticed a gap in performance in contemporary electric bikes.

By introducing a revolutionary torque sensor, Fiido X boasts unparalleled responsiveness and is significantly easier to ride than average. This motor is whisper-quiet and boasts ultra-low resistance.

Its aerodynamic design makes helps Fiido X brush off wind force, regardless of where it’s coming from or how strong it may be.

Moreover, Fiido X is equipped with the latest removable quick-charging batteries capable of enduring 80-mile trips with ease.

  • A highly responsive torque sensor
  • Whisper-quiet low-resistance motor
  • Aerodynamic wind-resistant design·   Long-lasting battery capable of up to 80-mile travel per charge

Unmatched Safety & Reliability

Integrated LED headlight
Integrated LED headlight
lighting at night
LED rear light at night

Fiido’s spokesperson imparted that all bikes the brand ever made were specifically designed to eclipse industry-leading safety standards.

With Fiido X, this company pushed the bar even higher, creating a low-maintenance folding electric bike that can be safely used day and night, regardless of weather conditions and visibility.

Speaking of which, the built-in OEM LED and tail lights ensure that the rider is visible to the other traffic participants while the road, other vehicles, and signs in front of the rider are clearly and brightly lit.

The conductive principle
Never unlock the bike’s electric power without the code

Equipped with dependable hydraulic disc brakes, Fiido X can be stopped in its tracks without putting the rider in danger. This bike is EN15194 EU Safety-certified, conforming to machine standards, such as motor power, max speed, power output, weight, and more.

Fiido X is IP54 waterproof and dustproof, which makes it one of the least demanding folding electric bikes when it comes to maintenance.

About Fiido

Fiido is a premier sports technology company gracing the market with unparalleled quality e-bikes for over six years.

As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, Fiido is on a mission to revolutionize mobility and support a “greener” world with its electric bikes and e-scooters.

Fiido’s professionals leave no stone unturned while researching and developing cutting-edge technologies, parts, and accessories, ensuring that its e-bikes can cater to the needs of all riders.

Its dedication to streamlining bike-riding exercises and helping people with mobility challenges overcome them is embodied in Fiido’s latest creation – the acclaimed Fiido X folding e-bike.

Fiido’s Vision

3s to fold and push
Fiido X Folding Electric Bike

Fiido set out to create e-bikes and electric scooters capable of significantly impacting the health and fitness levels of its customers in December 2016.

This meant building and developing a series of electric bikes that are easy to use, comfortable to ride in any weather, and dependable enough to support medium-distance travel.

The Fiido X bike is the embodiment of Fiido’s lifelong dedication to perfection and its customers, as well as the pinnacle of electric folding bikes on the contemporary markets.

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