FiiO JW1 – Best Cheap Sporty TWS of 2023?

FiiO JW1

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FiiO has just unveiled the FiiO JW1. It’s a pair of sporty wireless earbuds that are designed for those who want to get the best possible audio experience during workouts.

To achieve that, FiiO has made some good decisions with the design and hardware of the wireless earbuds. 

Regarding the design, the JW1 comes with an over-ear hook design that aims to offer the most secure fit during workouts.

FiiO JW1
Source: FiiO

The buds should stay on your ears even when you’re carrying out explosive moves. In addition, the buds have an on-the-ear design. 

Such a design eliminates the need to adjust the fit with ear tips, as the buds don’t nestle inside the ear cavity. Instead, the hook design does all the heavy lifting to offer a secure wearing experience.

According to FiiO, the design of the FiiO JW1 makes it a perfect pick for anyone who’s into sports and running.

FiiO JW1
Source: FiiO

In addition, the design makes the wireless earphones an excellent pick for people who commutes and travels a lot. But the design isn’t the only highlight of the FiiO JW1. 

It also comes with several advanced features. For example, FiiO has integrated “quick, responsive touch-sensitive controls.” These controls will let you change music while you’re on the go, something that’s quite crucial for runners and joggers.

When it comes to the internals, the FiiO JW1 features a 14.2 mm driver on each of the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds.

FiiO JW1
Source: FiiO

FiiO says that these drivers are capable of delivering a “full-scale sound” to provide an additional boost to your workout sessions.

The connectivity department of the FiiO JW1 is also great. FiiO has opted for Bluetooth 5.3, which is the latest Bluetooth version for wireless devices. 

Thanks to that, you should get a reliable and long-range wireless connection. In terms of battery life, the carrying case of the FiiO JW1 can deliver two full charging sessions.

FiiO JW1
Source: FiiO

And from the buds, you get up to 13 hours of runtime, which means the total runtime is 39 hours. With such great battery life, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with drained buds while exercising or commuting.

You’ll find the buds in two different color options. The first is black, and the other is white. Both of them have sporty and sleek aesthetics, making the buds look great on your ears.

Most importantly, the price tag of the FiiO JW1 is extremely competitive. It launched at a reasonably lower price than the best running and jogging headphones available. As a matter of fact, it is cheaper than the Sony WF-C500!

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