New OnePlus Nord Buds 2r Could Spell Trouble for Sony WF-C500

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r

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OnePlus Nord Buds 2r will officially start its journey on July 5. It will be the latest budget-friendly earbuds from the company OnePlus. 

And even though OnePlus did not give out many official details about the buds, there have been tons of leaks revolving around it.

Among them, the ones that come from credible sources have given out the expected price tag of the upcoming buds. 

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r
Source: OnePlus; Nord Buds 2

According to the sources, the new budget-friendly OnePlus buds will be around £28 or $35.49. To compare, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2 debuted at $59.99. 

With deals, you can even get them for around $30, making them an incredibly good value for the money. But with the Nord Buds 2r, OnePlus could take things to the next level.

That said, OnePlus has only revealed the color option of the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r. According to the brand, the new buds will come in Triple Blue and Deep Gray color options.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r
Source: OnePlus; Nord Buds 2

As the leaks suggest, the internals might not see that much of a change from the regular Nord Buds 2. The OnePlus Nord Buds 2r is expected to feature the same design as the regular Nord Buds 2. 

That means you can expect to see reasonably large-sized drivers and Bluetooth 5.2. Thanks to including one of the latest Bluetooth versions, the buds should also feature multipoint.

That would allow you to keep them connected to multiple devices. Of course, a modern Bluetooth chipset brings more advantages, such as stable and reliable wireless connections.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r
Source: OnePlus; Nord Buds 2

The battery life of the upcoming OnePlus Nord Buds 2r will likely be amazing too. After all, the regular Nord Buds 2 could deliver up to 23 hours with a single charge. However, there were some features of Nord Buds 2 that were exclusive to OnePlus devices.

For example, there’s Dolby Atmos support, which enhances the overall quality of the audio playback. Moreover, there’s OnePlus Fast Pair, which works pretty similarly to Google Fast Pair. 

Still, if you do not have a OnePlus device, none of these exclusive features are a dealbreaker for the price. That said, with a cheap price tag, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r could definitely be a trouble for the Sony WF-C500. 

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r
Source: OnePlus; Nord Buds 2

With the rumored price considered, the WF-C500 is twice that of the Buds 2r. And, of course, the Sony buds might sound better, but the battery life is very lackluster.

Nonetheless, it’s still too early to come to a conclusion about the Nord Buds 2r. We still need to wait for the official unveiling to get a proper comparison.

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