Google Pixel Buds Update: Skin Gestures Might Be a New Thing for the Next Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

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Touch and voice controls have been standard for the current True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds. However, those might soon be a thing of the past for Google’s TWS lineup. The company has recently patented a skin interface that might come to the new wearable devices from Google that includes Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds.

So, how does touch gesture work? It will work pretty much like the touch gesture. Now, you would need to swipe up and down to control the volume on some of the TWS. Many will even require you to tap the TWS to control the music and volume.

You will need to carry out the same swipe and tap movements with the skin gesture but not on the TWS. Instead, you will be carrying out those movements on your skin near your ears. The technology is already present and available in one of the TWS recently launched, which is the Sony LinkBuds wf-l900.

According to the patent, the new devices will achieve this capability by integrating multiple sensors. These sensors will pick up the nearby movements and convert them into recognizable control commands for the devices.

Google Pixel Buds

However, that is not all the information the patent has to offer. Google has adopted machine learning technology to distinguish purposeful motions from regular movements adequately. That would mean that you might not have to worry about turning the TWS off when you have to scratch an annoying itch.

But what would the new touch gesture control mean for the users? First of all, this control mechanism will offer the users more comfort. Let’s face it; for that tap and swipe motion, you push the buds further into your ear. And that can be annoying sometimes.

Secondly, during the tap and swipe motion, you can displace the TWS. And that can ruin the seal. So, with the skin touch gesture, you can maintain a perfect fit throughout the entire listening period. 

Google Pixel Buds

Lastly, it will keep your TWS clean. Wondering how? The finger oil and smudges you put on the buds during the tap and swipe attract dust. In other words, you will need to make less contact with the TWS, which will help it to stay clean for a prolonged amount of time.

That said, you need to note that all the things about gesture control are just in the patents. So, you will still need to wait and see what Google is really planning to do with the technology and if the technology will actually end up on the next Pixel Buds or not.

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