Beyerdynamic’s New SPACE Speakerphone Can Control Work Calls And Brings Other Features

Beyerdynamic's New SPACE Speakerphone Can Control Work Calls And Brings Other Features

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Beyerdynamic, a well-known headphone and audio firm, has introduced their new SPACE speakerphone, which is ideal for accepting business calls and then listening to music when you’re not on the clock. It’s a premium work-from-home speakerphone with several use cases.

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beyerdynamic PHONUM Bluetooth/USB Speakerphone

A Portable handsfree speaker solution for home offices and conference rooms using audio or video call apps such as Skype or Zoom.

If you need a speakerphone for business purposes but also want to use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker with high-quality music, this is the speakerphone for you. Beyerdynamic touts the headphones’ excellent audio quality, their elegant appearance and top-mounted LED navigation ring, as well as its automated mode switching function, which ensures a simple and smooth user experience.

By combining decades of microphone experience with 360-degree microphone technology, business experts on the other end of a conference call can hear you with perfect clarity. According to the business, it’s ideal for discreet work conversations or meetings with up to six people. Additionally, each person’s voice is automatically modified to guarantee the greatest audio experience.

Beyerdynamic's New SPACE Speakerphone Can Control Work Calls And Brings Other Features

Additionally, the top-mounted touch controls make it easy to engage with. For instance, an RGB light strip notifies users when they are on a call, listening to music, or visually when the mute button is used during a conference call or conversation.

Each Beyerdynamic Space speaker is designed for both home and business usage and has a Kensington lock socket for further security in an open setting, as well as a Business Model that prevents accidental connection with any nearby Bluetooth devices.

The Beyerdynamic Space’s visual design style should be adaptable to any context. The speaker casing is matte finished and has an antimicrobial cloth cover over the driver. The device’s function buttons are clearly labeled on a ring around the top.

When you’re through with your business and have no more meetings, it connects seamlessly with any Bluetooth device for music listening. Additionally, there is a “business mode” that prevents any unwanted devices from connecting and interfering with a conversation. 

Even better, Beyerdynamic has developed a new automated audio switching mode to optimize the listening experience. It’ll employ “Voice Mode” during conversations to ensure comprehensible voice reproduction, excellent clarity, and reduced bass. The SPACE then automatically changes to “Music Mode” with enhanced audio profiles to enhance the sound whenever it detects music playing.

Beyerdynamic's New SPACE Speakerphone Can Control Work Calls And Brings Other Features

If you’ve never used a normal speakerphone, you may be surprised to learn that they often lack the bass or power necessary to play music at a pleasant quality or volume level. With the SPACE speakerphone, Beyerdynamic promises the contrary, claiming that the strong 1.5-inch full-range speaker with two passive radiators gets suitably loud owing to the 5W RMS speaker.

Other specifications and features include Bluetooth or USB-C connectivity, a Kensington lock for business settings to avoid theft, compatibility with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, and a battery life of around 20 hours.

The Beyerdynamic SPACE is priced at $179 and is available via the Beyerdynamic shop, Amazon, and select retailers. 

Images: Beyerdynamic Website

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