Great 34% Deal On JBL Partybox On-The-Go

JBL Partybox On-The-Go

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The JBL Partybox On-The-Go is one of the most powerful portable speakers out there. It comes with an output power rating of 100W and features a robust driver setup to bring any party to life.

Best Value
JBL PartyBox On-The-Go Powerful Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

The JBL PartyBox On-The-Go is a traveling party with powerful sound, synced light show, a rechargeable battery, a strap, and a wireless microphone.

In addition, it comes with a refined sound profile that’ll let you hear every beat. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in an indoor setup or outdoor condition. The sound from the speaker will get you moving!

But of course, as a robust wireless party speaker, the JBL Partybox On-The-Go does come with a hefty price tag. However, with this deal, you can get the speaker at a very affordable price point.

JBL Partybox On-The-Go
Source: JBL

The deal basically takes 34% off the original price tag, making the JBL Party Box On-The-Go offer incredible value and less strenuous to your wallet.

But how good is the JBL Partybox On-The-Go as a wireless party speaker? Let’s start with the audio power of the unit. 

As mentioned earlier, it comes with a driver setup that can deliver 100W of powerful sound. That means you’ll get a loud sound even when you get the speaker set up in a relatively busy area.

JBL Partybox On-The-Go
Source: JBL

However, it’s not just the loudness of the audio playback that matters. And JBL knows that exactly well.

For that reason, the JBL Partybox On-The-Go comes with the revolutionary JBL Original Pro Sound profile. This sound profile can deliver crisp highs, deep bass, and pure mids. 

To put it simply, you’ll hear all the details from your favorite tracks. In addition to delivering great sound, the JBL Partybox On-The-Go can make it easier for you to get into the party mood.

JBL Partybox On-The-Go
Source: JBL

It comes with party lights, which is basically a dynamic light setup on the front. What makes it dynamic? 

The lighting feature of the speaker can sync with the music. Through that, it can make any party setup enjoyable to be in. 

You can also customize the party lights according to your preference. Besides that, the Partybox On-The-Go comes with a large-sized battery.

JBL Partybox On-The-Go
Source: JBL

It can deliver up to 6 hours of runtime with a single charge. And getting 6 hours of playtime out of such a powerful speaker is not a small deal.

To make the JBL Partybox On-The-Go ready for all your outdoor adventures, the speaker comes with an IPX4 rating. This rating means that rain and water splashes from the pool won’t be something that you would need to worry about.

Lastly, the speaker comes with a padded shoulder strap. This strap makes the wireless party speaker extremely portable. There’re built-in handles on the body too.

JBL PartyBox On-The-Go Powerful Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker with Dynamic Light Show, black
JBL PartyBox On-The-Go Powerful Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

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