Solid-state Driver Earbuds are the Next Big Thing!

Solid-state Driver Earbuds

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xMEMS shook the audio market by unveiling solid-state speakers, and now the company is planning to do it again with solid-state driver earbuds. For those who missed the news, xMEMS unveiled the world’s first solid-state drivers in April of this year.

What made these speakers unique is that they came with tiny little devices that replaced the voice coils and magnets found in traditional speakers.

After the unveiling, the solid-state drivers started to be a go-to choice for audiophiles that wanted to get a new audio experience.

Solid-state Driver Earbuds

Now, the same tech is coming to wireless earbuds. Even though it may not seem like it, solid-state driver earbuds could be the next big thing for the audio industry.

But this time, xMEMS is not working alone. Creative Technologies has partnered with xMEMS labs to bring this tech to the Bluetooth wireless earbuds we rely on to get our daily music fix.

By incorporating the micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMs), Creative will be the first in the world to offer solid-state driver earbuds in the market. But what really makes the solid-state driver earbuds revolutionary?

Solid-state Driver Earbuds

The thing is, regular driver configurations are great. However, they’re prone to distortion. The solid-state and all-silicon drivers from xMEMS mitigate this issue.

The new drivers come with exceptionally higher levels of stiffness. This results in better phase consistency. According to xMEMS, the new drivers are seven times better than the regular drivers.

With that, xMEMS promises to offer “superior spatial audio experiences.” But it’s not just the spatial sound that’ll see an upgrade.

Solid-state Driver Earbuds

The drivers will also bring better detail and separation to the table. However, what will really make the solid-state driver earbuds stand out is that the drivers are incredibly smaller than existing coil drivers.

That means the new earbuds will be significantly lighter and smaller than the traditional wireless earbuds. In addition to being small and light, the new earbuds could also come with a better ergonomic design and, most importantly, a sleeker overall outlook.

Want to know how the solid-state driver earbuds will work? The solid-state drivers inside rely on voltage-driven monolithic piezo. It converts signals into sound.

Solid-state Driver Earbuds
Source: xMEMS; 2-way Speaker Module

In comparison, traditional drivers rely on the current to ramp up and deliver audio. Moreover, the solid-state drivers have a silicon diaphragm, which, with the evenly distributed piezo layer, can make you enjoy a brand-new music listening experience.

Wondering when Creative will launch the brand-new solid-state driver earbuds? Creative plans to launch it sometime later this year. And after Creative, we should see more and more brands releasing new earbuds with the same tech.

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