HiFi Rose RS520: The One-in-All Streaming System

HiFi Rose RS520

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The components of HiFi Rose never disappointed the fans. They just have everything that you could ever ask for. And the case is the same for the latest streaming system, the RS520.

The Korean brand took engineering and design cues from the flagship RA180 integrated amplifier and RS150 network streamer for the new RS520. 

It is a seriously well-equipped system that you start operating right after adding speakers to the entire setup. And the good news is that the system is not just for a particular group.

HiFi Rose RS520
Network Streamer RS520; Source: HiFi Rose

Instead, it is for everyone that wants to add a DAC, integrated amplifier, and a network player in their setup but does not want to get the components separately.

However, the RS520 is not the first of its kind. The HiFi industry has seen solutions such as the HiFi Rose RS520 before. Take the Naim Uniti range, for example. It is one of the leaders in this category.

So, does that mean that Naim will be salty after HiFi Rose offers something that is similar to one of its popular solutions? Well, the case is different.

HiFi Rose RS520
Network Streamer RS520; Source: HiFi Rose

Naim sides with Oscar Wilde and believes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For that reason, Naim would be pleased to find that the HiFi Rose RS520 looks similar to Uniti Atom.

However, the key difference in the HiFi Rose’s streamers is the tactility. And it seems like the key feature is present in the RS520. Just like the RS201E and other models, you will find a 12.6 inches large LCD screen on the front of the HiFi Rose RS520. 

The wide LCD has a touchscreen, which encourages the users to interact directly with the system. HiFI Rose also relies on a custom Android-based operating system, Rose OS. And the streamers with this OS offer a natural gateway to a world of music and videos. 

HiFi Rose RS301
HiFi Media Player RS301; Source: HiFi Rose

Thanks to the OS, you will be capable of accessing both network-based and local media without any issues. You will also have quick access to streaming platforms and services, including Apple Music, Tidal, Roon, and Spotify

And if you are a subscriber of Tidal HiFi Plus, you will be pleased to know that the RS520 can also act like an MQA decoder. That will enable you to play back Tidal Masters tracks.

The RS520 also offers the ability to connect internal storage, SD, or USB devices. Also, you will find a broad range of analog and digital connections, including HDMI eARC

So, making a connection to an external audio source or TV display will not be an issue. It will even be possible to connect it with a CD drive.

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