Want to Amp Up Your Speaker Setup Game? The Emit Range of Dynaudio has got your Back!


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Do you want to pick out the punchy bass from your music playlist? Or are you looking to tune into a crisp dialogue of a movie? Well, regardless of what upgrade you want to bring into your home speaker setup, Dynaudio has got a solution.

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Dynaudio Emit 10 Compact Bookshelf Speaker

Emit 10 is a compact two-way stand-mount speaker that uses technology derived from Dynaudio’s ultra-high-end Confidence Contour i and Evoke series.

The Danish HiFi brand has five high-end sound systems in its Emit range. And the great part about these high-end speakers is that they do not have a high-end price point. 

Additionally, you will not need to be a HiFi speaker specialist to get the most out of the speaker kit either. So, how do you choose sound systems from the range?

Emit 20 ; Source: Dynaudio

Well, the first thing you need to consider is what you will use your setup for. You can use the five speakers that are in the Emit range of Dynaudio in various combinations and needs.

If you want to turn the volume up in a medium or small-sized room, you would want to consider the Emit 20 and Emit 10. You can set these two speakers up on stands or directly on the floor.

It is worth noting that these two compact speakers have the technology that you will find in the Evoke, Confidence, and Contour i series of Dynaudio. 

Emit 10; Source: Dynaudio

Additionally, the speakers utilize high-end drivers that are built with Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP). So, the sound you will get from them will be pure and crisp. 

Secondly, if you want to take your audio-listening experience to the next level, your best bet would be the Emit 50 and Emit 30. These floor-standing speakers will provide you with the power that you require.

Although, they are relatively larger than the Emit 10 and Emit 20. So, you will need to ensure enough room for the setup. Like the Emit 10, the older brother Emit 30 utilizes a similar type of MSP woofers found in the Dynaudio Evoke series.

Emit 10; Source: Dynaudio

However, the woofers on the Emit 30 are double-up in each speaker, which results in more low-frequency power, high midrange clarity, and extra punch.

What about the Emit 50? The pair has its own specialty as well. It is the only pair in the series that comes with an exclusive midrange driver. 

Again, Dynaudio has derived this exclusive midrange driver from the Evoke range. It is designed for precision and speed.

Emit 10; Source: Dynaudio

Finally, if you want to pair the great Emit speakers with a capable surround sound system, you have the Emit 5.1. 

With the Emit 25C, this system will allow you to get the feeling of the sound in your chest type of cinema experience. And getting that type of experience at home is something that you can not take for granted.

DYNAUDIO Emit 10 Compact Bookshelf Speaker - Pair (White Satin)
Dynaudio Emit 10 Compact Bookshelf Speaker

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