How to Make Volume Control for Amplifier: 5 Easy Steps

How to Make Volume Control for Amplifier: 5 Easy Steps

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The thing with amplifiers is that most will come with a built-in gain or volume controller. This controller will enable you to control the strength or level of the signal sent through the first stage. So, does that mean you will not be capable of gaining that control if your amp has no built-in gain or volume controller?

Not at all! By learning how to make volume control for amplifiers, you can easily make your amplifier have the gain or volume controlling feature. And the good thing is that making this DIY volume control circuit for the audio amplifiers is a piece of cake. You just have to go through the correct steps and get the right parts.

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How To Make Audio Volume Control Circuit For Amplifier

How to Make Volume Control for Amplifier: 5 Easy Steps

The steps that you need to follow to make DIY amplifier volume control is as follows:

Step 1: Get the right parts

First of all, you should get yourself the right parts. And the list is as follows:

  • Audio Taper Potentiometer
  • 2 x 3.5mm audio cords
  • 2 x 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Knob
  • Enclosure
  • Soldering tools
  • Extra electrical wire
  • Extra audio wire
  • Wire strippers

After getting the parts, design your wire diagram. The bare wire plan should contain the output, source, and volume control mechanism.

Step 2: Ensure everything fits

Next, you should put the inputs, potentiometer, and outputs together to check everything fits in the enclosure or not. It should also have a proper amount of room for the wires.

Step 3: Wire the system according to the diagram

Now that you have checked the parts, it will be time to connect the wires. You basically need to connect the output and input signal to the potentiometer, just like the diagram you just made. However, if you are new to wiring, this step will take some time.

Step 4: Test the circuit out

Temporary place the circuit to your enclosure and connect the input port to your amplifier using the 3.5mm wires. Test out the circuit by playing something through the amplifier.

If you can not hear any sound, get yourself a digital voltage meter. Make sure each of the component and solder joints can pass through electricity. If a joint does not pass the continuity test, repeat step 3.

Step 5: Put the circuit into the enclosure

Last but not least, put the circuit and wiring into the enclosure and close it off. 


As you now know how easy it is to make volume control for an amplifier, you should not worry one bit if you do not find a built-in gain or volume controller on your amp. Just follow the steps through properly, and you should end up with a fully functional volume controller for your amp.

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