Bang & Olufsen’s Tributes the Iconic Beogram 4000 with the New Beosystem 72-22 Music System

Bang & Olufsen’s Tributes the Iconic Beogram 4000 with the New Beosystem 72-22 Music System

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Bang & Olufsen is introducing a limited-edition music system in the United States and Canada. Bang & Olufsen is extending its Recreated Classics Program with the introduction of the Beosystem 72-22 that transcends time by bridging the divide between one of its most famous designs Beogram 4000 from 1972 and cutting-edge digital technology today.

Jacob Jensen saw the future of audio design when he built the Beogram 4000 Series turntable in 1972. His objective was to radically reimagine the turntable in order to create a product that would survive the test of time. “No one should care how bridges are constructed — the idea is to figure out the best method to get to the other side,” he stated.

The Beosystem 72-22 – commemorated both the turntable’s original year of release and its modern reconstruction – consists of a redesigned Beogram 4000 Series deck, matching Beolab 18 stereo speakers, and a Beoremote Halo control.

B&O’s Tributes the Iconic Beogram 4000 with the New Beosystem 72-22 Music System

The system, which will be offered in a limited quantity of 30 units, enables users to combine the company’s characteristic vinyl sound with more modern speakers, all controlled through the Halo remote. Due to the fact that the Beolab 18 speakers are wireless, you can also stream music to them while you’re not spinning vinyl.

This revolutionary spirit has always been ingrained in Bang & Olufsen’s DNA – as has our dedication to longevity; the original Beogram 4002 was future-proofed by including room in the product architecture for future technological advancements that had not yet been conceived.

Each component of the Beosystem 72-22 is linked through a central hub included inside the system’s solid wood walnut gift box, which B&O recommends may double as a turntable stand and record storage room. With a walnut finishing work and a new pearl-blasted Titanium Tone aluminum finish, the Beosystem 72-22 may be all you’ll ever need in terms of hi-fi. It is undoubtedly an opulent collector’s item for the most devoted Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts.

The Beogram 4000c turntable is back, but this time it’s been handcrafted in pearl-blasted titanium tone aluminum and solid walnut wood. It comes with matching, high-tech Beolab 18 speakers and a Halo remote control. This fully-integrated music system is based on Jacob Jensen’s 1972 vision, but it’s been updated for today’s music fans.

The system is packaged in a solid walnut presentation box that functions as a turntable stand, remote charging station for the Halo, and wireless communication hub. This allows the material to be streamed while the turntable is not in use – a wonderful illustration of Bang & Olufsen’s philosophy that traditional design and current innovation should coexist.

The walnut box may also be used as an exquisite record storage cabinet – and to assist owners with their collection, we’ve hand-picked four 1972 albums that have become all-time classics. It’s only natural that they’re contained inside another great.

Image: Bang and Olufsen

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