Immerse Yourself in Epic Sound: The HyperX Cloud Core Headset Is Your Gateway to Gaming Glory!

HyperX Cloud Core Headset

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Release Date
November 16, 2021
14.4 oz
5.79 x 8.03 x 3.78 inches

Like any other product from HyperX, the HyperX Cloud Core is a no-nonsense gaming product that offers the best performance for the money. Whether you’re a professional gamer or a gamer who likes to play games casually, this wired headset can offer you a brand-new experience.

As a matter of fact, it’s likely one of the very best wired gaming headsets that you can get under $100. But even though it belongs in the affordable range, nothing about it is cheap.

From the build to the driver performance to comfort, everything about the HyperX Cloud Core roars in quality. And if you stick around, you can learn everything the gaming headset offers in detail.

Best Value

HyperX Cloud Core Wired DTS Headphone:X Gaming Headset

Quality gaming headset for an unbeatable price tag

Price Range: $$
Brand: HyperX
HyperX Cloud Core Headset


The HyperX Cloud Core is a solid pair of wired gaming headphones that delivers the basics without having a hefty price tag. Its robust aluminum and plastic construction excels in comfort and gives the headset a high durability rating.

On that note, the design is quite similar to the HyperX Cloud II. So, if you have used that gaming headset, you’ll love the wearing experience of the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset.

It comes with a high-quality detachable microphone, which can pick up your voice with good overall clarity. However, the microphone is not that good when it comes to isolating noise. Also, even though the sound quality is pretty decent for the price, it could’ve been better in some regions of the frequency response.

The Specs

  • Driver Type:  Dynamic
  • Driver Size:  53mm With Neodymium Magnets
  • Form Factor:  Over-ear and Closed Back
  • Frequency Response:  15Hz to 25kHz
  • Microphone Type:  Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Microphone Polar Pattern:  Uni-directional
  • Connectivity:  USB 2.0 (Wired)

What’s in the Box?

  • Detachable Mic
  • DTS Headphone:X Activation Code
  • PC Extension Cable

Stuff I like

  • Solid build quality
  • Comfortable for hours of gaming sessions
  • It comes with a detachable microphone
  • Features easy built-in controls
  • Decent sound quality for the price

Stuff I like less

  • Sound isolation could’ve been a bit better
  • Frequency response is a bit lacking in some regions

Comparable products to consider

Razer Kraken Pro V2
Razer Kraken Pro V2

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is a headset designed with competitive gamers in mind. It features 50mm drivers, cooling-gel cushions, and a retractable microphone to offer a class-leading gaming audio performance. And thanks to cross-platform compatibility, you can run it on almost all the gaming setups.

First Impressions

The unboxing experience with the HyperX Cloud Core is pretty much the same as other HyperX gaming accessories. You’ll not have a tough time getting the headset out. And even though the Cloud Core is a budget-friendly option, the packaging will tell you otherwise.

HyperX includes a DTS Headphone:X subscription inside that box, which is pretty neat. It’s a two-year code, which should set you up for two years of immersive gaming experience.

Also, the quick start guide sticks to its name. It has no unnecessary information and only contains what you need to start. Of course, you won’t find it necessary to read through the guide, as this pair of headphones is simple to use.

HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Build Quality and Durability

HyperX Cloud Core may not seem that robust initially, but its build quality is top-notch. It features a sturdy aluminum frame and plastic design, which can take a lot. Whether accidental falls or gaming rage, the headset can take a beating.

While some of the HyperX gaming headsets have a detachable headset cable, the Cloud Core doesn’t. But that shouldn’t be something that you need to worry about. The cable connection is pretty secure, and it’s braided. Thanks to the high-quality braiding, you don’t need to worry about fraying or early cable damage.

Comfort and Wearing Experience

The box of the HyperX Cloud Core gives you a good idea of how good the comfort level is. As HyperX describes, the headset can deliver “Legendary Comfort.” While that marketing may seem too much, the wearing experience is enjoyable.

There’s a fair amount of padding on the metal headband. For this padding, it doesn’t feel like the headset is digging into your head while you’re wearing it. Also, the earcups come with a decent amount of padding. So, you can wear it for several hours without facing any comfort-related issues.

Additionally, the headset’s earcups can rotate horizontally to a few degrees. This enables the Cloud Core to form naturally around the head. However, the leatherette ear cups can heat a bit during prolonged gaming sessions. But that shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re not gaming in a warm environment.

Overall Sound Quality

When it comes to the overall sound performance of the HyperX Cloud Core, it’s quite decent. The drivers are reasonably accurate throughout most of the frequency response. And you can indeed have an immersive experience with the headset as it comes with the support for Dolby Headphone:X.

HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Bass Performance

The bass performance of the HyperX Cloud Core is excellent. Its drivers can go down to 15Hz, which is considered very good for a pair of gaming headphones. That, combined with the accurate bass production, will give you a punchy audio experience while playing action-packed and first-person shooting games.

However, as the headset drivers can offer high levels of thump and rumble, music and other audio playbacks can seem to have a bit of a high level of boominess. Also, note that the overall bass performance depends on the seal and quality of fit. So, your experience may vary with the headset.

Mid Accuracy

Regarding the mid-audio performance, the drivers do a fantastic job regarding accuracy. The mid-response is pretty accurate throughout the range. And most importantly, the response is well-balanced.

Even though the response is mostly flat, there’s a little underemphasis in some regions of the mid-response. But that won’t be easily noticeable. So, you can expect a stellar listening experience with vocals and instruments.


While the treble and bass response of the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset is great, the treble performance is slightly above average. It’s similar to the HyperX Cloud II but a bit better in some regions. There’s a big dip after the 4kHz range and a big jump around the 9kHz area.

This jump and dip can make certain sounds a little sharp, especially when you’re listening to an already bright audio file. But again, not everyone experiences the treble of the drivers in the same way. So, it goes without saying that your experience with the treble response for the headset will vary.

HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Noise Isolation

Thanks to a closed-back design, the HyperX Cloud Core does a good job of blocking out external noise. But the noise isolation could’ve been a bit better. The headset struggles to block sounds that are lower than 1kHz. That means you’ll be able to hear someone having a conversation next to you to some degree.

Microphone Performance

The quality of the microphones is good for most gaming environments. It’s more than good enough for competitive games and Discord calls. And as the HyperX Cloud Core comes with a splitter, it’ll be easy to get the microphone to work on devices that have separate headphone and microphone ports.


You get an inline control with the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headphone, which is a great thing. It has volume controls and a mute button. That means you don’t need to minimize the game or go to the settings just to make some basic adjustments to the audio playback.


Thanks to a 3.5mm plug, the Cloud Core is compatible with almost all gaming devices. That includes PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can also make it work with mobile devices.

However, you should note that the DTS Headphone:X is only compatible with PC and Xbox. So, even though you can run the headset on multiple gaming stations, you won’t get an immersive experience on all of them.

HyperX - Cloud Core Wired DTS Headphone:X Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox X|S, and Xbox One – Black
HyperX Cloud Core Headset


Overall, the HyperX Cloud Core is a solid choice for gamers. It’s simple to use, easy to control, offers decent sound, and the microphone quality is more than good enough for intense multiplayer gaming sessions.

Alongside that, as the microphone is detachable, you can use the headset as a regular pair of headphones for music listening. Also, as the design isn’t too flashy, you won’t look awkward when you’re jamming to your favorite music in public spaces.

But, of course, the headset could’ve been a bit better. If only HyperX worked on the sound isolation and drivers’ frequency response, the Cloud Core could’ve been the ultimate gaming headset under $100.

HyperX Cloud Core Headset
HyperX Cloud Core Headset
Build Quality
Durability and Comfort
Sound Quality
Microphone Quality
Sound Isolation

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