Reviewing SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand: BM-310 and SODI BM-330

SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand

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Release Date
April 6, 2023
6.5 oz
4.53 x 2.82 x 1.3 in

As someone who values practicality and innovation in smartphone accessories, I had the chance to explore the SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand BM-310 and BM-330. These stands offered a fresh perspective on enhancing the way I interact with my iPhone, and I’m here to share my experience.

SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand

Price Range: $
Brand: SODI
SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand - Removable Magnet

The Download

SODI Magnetic iPhone Stands are designed for more than just holding your phone, as they provide different functionalities to cater to various user needs and preferences.

What’s in the Box?

  • Magnetic Plate Holder
  • Phone Stand for Desk
  • User Manual
Overall Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

User-Friendly Swivel Action

What impressed me the most about both the SODI BM-310 and BM-330 was their intuitive swivel action. This feature allows for smooth transitions between portrait and landscape modes, adapting to different tasks effortlessly. 

Whether I’m reading, watching content, or simply keeping up with messages, these stands can seamlessly accommodate my preferences.

Charging in Motion

A noteworthy aspect that sets these stands apart is their adaptability. Both the SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand BM-310 and BM-330 offer users the option to swap out the magnetic backing for a powered MagSafe charger. 

This transformable feature converts the stands from static holders to active charging stations, which is quite useful for keeping my devices powered up with ease. As wireless charging becomes more prevalent, these iPhone stands offer a future-ready solution.

SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand - Magnet
From a static phone stand to an active charging dock | Make Life Click

Elegance in Color Choices

Personal style isn’t overlooked with the SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand. 

Both the BM-330 and BM-310 come in two classic colors: silver or white and black. This range of options allows for effortless integration into different environments, letting users express their individual preferences.

SODI BM-310 iPhone Stand: A Desktop Companion

The SODI BM-310 caught my attention as a practical addition to my desktop setup. 

It has an extendable arm that brings my iPhone closer, which enhances my viewing comfort. The solid base ensured that my iPhone is stable, while the sturdy magnet held my device securely. 

This iPhone stand also comes in a design that blends well with my workspace while adding a touch of sophistication. 

In addition, it has a detachable holder that clips onto a MacBook laptop screen. This is a thoughtful feature, especially for those who want flexibility in their setup.

SODI BM-330 iPhone Stand: Innovative Monitor Support

The BM-330 introduced an interesting angle with its monitor attachment capability. Placing it on top of my desktop monitor allowed me to use my iPhone’s camera for video conferencing and creative projects. 

This flexibility in camera positioning added a lot of convenience to my virtual meetings. The design elements, such as the lip and bracket, ensured the stand’s stability on monitors, addressing any concerns of slipping.

SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand on top of a monitor
SODI iPhone stand clipped on a monitor | Make Life Click

Balancing Versatility and Functionality with the SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand

In conclusion, the SODI Magnetic iPhone Stand BM-310 and BM-330 offer adaptable solutions for various iPhone needs, catering to different users. Plus, the optional MagSafe charging feature adds modern convenience without compromising usability. 

The SODI BM-310 caters to those seeking a desktop partner that goes well and blends seamlessly with any setup. Meanwhile, the SODI BM-330 is suitable for users seeking enhanced camera control during video interactions.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your desktop setup or improve your video conferencing experience, these iPhone stands offer user-friendly solutions that go beyond basic phone holding. These stands are all about enhancing your iPhone use with practicality and simplicity.

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