iFi iCan Phantom: Fan of Electrostatic Headphones? You will Love the Headphone Amp!

iFi iCan Phantom

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iFi iCan Phantom is the new headphone amp in the block. And iFi has basically nailed it with it. It takes a proud position among other best sellers from iFi, which includes the Zen DAC V2, hip-DAC 2, and Uno.

But unlike the mentioned products of iFi, the iCan Phantom is geared toward the high-end market. 

Showcased at the High End Munich 2023 event, the headphone amplifier surely has a unique touch to it. Its distinctive boxy design will indeed make it stand out from the crowd.

 iFi iCan Phantom
Source: iFi audio; Zen DAC V2

Although the iFi iCan Phantom is not publicly available, iFi allowed audio enthusiasts to get a taste of all it has to bring to the table at the High End Munich show.

At the core, the iCan Phantom is a pure analog headphone amplifier, which will replace the current flagship of iFi, the Pro iCan Signature

The thing that makes the headphone amp stand out from its predecessor is clever design decisions. Through them, iFi has managed to deliver the ability to get the correct bias voltage to get the most out of your electrostatic headphones. 

iFi iCan Phantom
Source: iFi audio; Zen DAC V2

The iFi iCan Phantom also comes with a fully differential balanced circuit design. That eventually makes it offer “ultra-low noise performance.”

And let’s not forget to state that it has what it takes to make any headphones work. Its power delivery will not fail to match any high-end options, from the powerful ones to the low-power models and anything in between.

To be exact, the iFi iCan Phantom even works with sensitive IEMs. There’s a generous number of headphone connections present too. 

iFi iCan Phantom
Source: iFi audio; Uno

You will find dedicated electrostatic connections, 3-pin balanced, 4-pin balanced, 4.4 balanced, and the 3.5mm port.

iFi did not even forget to put a handful of RCA and XLR inputs on the iCan Phantom. And as it comes with a remote controller, changing the parameters to get a customized listening experience will be easy.

Other than that, the iFi iCan Phantom has seen a massive design change. Unlike its predecessor, the iCan Phantom does not have a fussy trait to it. 

iFi iCan Phantom
Source: iFi audio; Uno

Instead, it looks like a modern box that’s actually meant to offer you a premium audio experience. In the front part, the headphone amp has an OLED display in the middle. 

It is flanked by two rotary dials, which sit pretty elegantly. You have a smoked glass top on the top, revealing the circuitry inside.

Nonetheless, the unique aspect of the iFi iCan Phantom is that it delivers the “voltages that electrostatics need to perform their best.” So, it would be a game-changer upgrade if you have electrostatic headphones.

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