SwitchBot Hub 2 Review – Unveiling Its Smart Home Capabilities

Switchbot Hub 2

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Current testing methodology is v1.2

Release Date
November 14, 2022
63g (2.2oz)
3.1 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches

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The Switchbot Hub 2 is an upgraded version of the company’s Hub Mini that offers various features to connect your smart home and Switchbot gadgets. 

The key difference now is that it supports Matter.

I found the Switchbot Hub 2 a worthy addition to my smart home collection and a great upgrade from the Hub Mini I previously owned.

Currently, I own the Hub Mini, Meter Plus, Switchbot Switches, and the Switchbot Door Lock. I think they are all awesome so perhaps I already enter this review with expectations of the best.

Editor’s Pick

SwitchBot Hub 2

A great upgrade on the original Hub mini with the addition of Matter compatibility

Price Range: $
Brand: SwitchBot
Switchbot Hub 2 and Hygrometer Retail Box


The SwitchBot Hub 2 is a significant upgrade on the hub mini and hygrometer.

A nice big display gives you temperature and humidity with full integration with your smart home (Alexa/Google etc) PLUS, it’s also an IR blaster so it can control your IR devices such as TV, stereo, and more.

I trust SwitchBot after having a lot of their devices in my home and this is a great new addition.

The Specs

  • Model:  W3202100
  • Housing:  White ABS plastic
  • Power:  5V, 2A. Power supply included
  • Operating temperature:  -20° to 40°C (-4° to 104°F)
  • Operating humidity:  0% to 90% relative
  • Network connectivity:  802.11b/g/n, 2.4gHz, Bluetooth low energy
  • System requirements:  iOS 11.0+’ Android 5.0+
  • Resolution:  0.1°C / 0.1°F, 1% Relative humidity
  • Temperature range:  -20° to 80°C (-4° to 176°F)
  • Humidity range:  0% to 99% RH

What’s in the Box?

  • SwitchBot Hub 2
  • Power cable with integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Five-volt, two-Amp power adapter
  • 3M adhesive tape
  • Instruction manual
  • After-sale card

Stuff I like

  • Easy set up
  • Integrates well with the existing SwitchBot set up
  • Nice big display with adjustable brightness
  • Included scene programmable front buttons
  • Multiple mounting options with kick stand or wall mount

Stuff I like less

  • None of note


The SwitchBot Hub 2 excels in its compatibility with other SwitchBot products like the SwitchBot Curtain, SwitchBot Blind Tilt, and the SwitchBot Meter Plus. 

You can connect these devices to the Hub 2 via Bluetooth, and you can easily control them using your Wi-Fi too. This means you can be sitting in your office and still make things happen.

It works seamlessly with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. This makes it a breeze to command your connected Switchbot devices.

In addition to these integrations, the SwitchBot Hub 2’s Matter support ensures that it can interact with a wide range of other smart home systems.

This makes it the perfect device to help create a unified and convenient smart home experience.

Switchbot Hub 2 and Home Hub
SwitchBot Hub 2 and Switchbot Mini Hub | Make Life Click

This is pretty groundbreaking and makes it one of the first, and most affordable Matter compatible hubs.

The benefit of this is that it makes your existing devices Matter compatible. The catch is that you’ll need a Google Nest or Apple Homepod Mini (I have the Homepod Mini).

Overall, I’m impressed with the Switchbot Hub 2’s features and compatibility.

Setup and Installation

Smart Home Integration

Setting up my SwitchBot Hub 2 was easy. 

I powered it on and used the SwitchBot app to add a new device, which was detected over Bluetooth. This was pretty much the same as the other Switchbot devices I have.

I really like the app. The latest update is also great.

The infrared sensor is more powerful than its predecessor, the Hub mini, which makes it capable of controlling infrared devices from a longer distance.

I noticed that the Hub 2 can potentially replace multiple single-purpose hubs, such as those for SmartThings or Home Assistant since it supports Matter over Wi-Fi. 

Switchbot Hub 2 - Back Stand
Connect any SwitchBot products to any ecosystem | Make Life Click

This simply means that it’s much easier for me to manage all of my smart home gadgets in one place.

Hub Mini vs SwitchBot Hub 2

Essentially, the Hub 2 is the Hub Mini and the Meter Plus in one. Of course, it’s a lot more than that with Matter compatibility and a display screen with touch buttons. Here is the high level.

FeatureSwitchBot Hub 2SwitchBot Hub Mini
Infrared transmission rangeDouble the range compared to Hub MiniNo
Temperature, humidity, and light sensorsYesNo
LED displayYesNo
Matter supportYesNo
Customizable scene buttonsYes, two buttonsNo
Sunrise/sunset and geo-fencing automationYes, for SwitchBot productsYes, for SwitchBot products
Switchbot Hub 2 vs Switchbot Hub Mini


The Hub 2 is bigger than the mini as you’ll see in the photos. 

The display is really bright but you can set it to auto-dim if needed. 

The cable has the humidity and temperature sensor in it so that makes for a small rectangle mid-cable. The hub display has a light meter in it.

There are two buttons on the front of the unit that can be programmed to activate scenes or just turn the display off and on. It’s nice being able to have a scene set so you can do things like turning off all the living room lights at once.

Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer
SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer Plus vs the OG Model | Make Life Click

You could also set an exit routine for your house so you hit a button as you walk out and things happen.


I like the data you can get from it. I don’t use it for much but as someone that loves data, it’s nice to have.

Apple Watch

A very cool software part of this is Apple Watch. As an Apple Watch Ultra owner, I like being able to manage some devices from my watch.

Of course, you can always use your phone but the Apple Watch is an option that I really appreciate.

I also use my Tailwind Garage opener app so between the two apps, I can control most of my home.

Controlling Devices With the Sensors

You can set the hub to activate devices based on light, temperature, or humidity. 

For example, whenever the humidity in the piano room goes over 60%, then you can set the hub to activate the dehumidifier in the room.

Of course, the dehumidifier will need a smart switch or smart function that’s also connected to Matter, Alexa, or Google so that it works for that kind of automation.

Switchbot Hub 2 - App on a smart watch
Control your home appliances or devices using your Apple Watch | Make Life Click


The SwitchBot Hub 2 combines the functionality of the previous Hub Mini with the Meter Plus, making it a compact yet powerful device. Some of its standout features include:

  • Built-in sensors: It comes with a built-in light meter, thermometer, and hygrometer, which provide detailed environmental readings.
  • IR Remote Function: The SSwitchBot Hub 2 can act as a universal remote, controlling various appliances like TVs and air conditioners.
  • Matter support: The hub supports Matter, a new smart home standard that makes it even more versatile in use.

One feature that distinguishes the Hub 2 from its predecessor is the inclusion of a built-in thermo-hygrometer. This small addition has made the device much more useful and practical.

SwitchBot Hub 2 (2nd Gen), work as a WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer, IR Remote Control, Smart Remote and Light Sensor, Link SwitchBot to Wi-Fi (Support 2.4GHz), Compatible with Alexa&Google Assistant
SwitchBot Hub 2


As I said at the start, I’m already a fan of SwitchBot stuff. 

The software keeps getting better, the devices have been rock solid for me and now, with Matter support, it’s even better.

Switchbot Hub 2 - App Screenshot
Real-time alerts when temperature or humidity changes | Make Life Click

What makes the SwitchBot Hub 2 different from the Hub Mini?

The Hub 2 has several additional features, such as:
-Temperature, humidity, and light sensors
-An LED display
-Matter support
-Two customizable scene buttons

This makes it more feature-rich compared to the Hub Mini, which mainly focuses on Wi-Fi and voice controls for SwitchBot devices.

Is it easy to set up the SwitchBot Hub 2?

In my experience, setting up the device is simple. The app makes it simple to just power up and go to ‘Add new Device’.

What’s included with the SwitchBot Hub 2?

The package comes with the Hub 2, a custom USB cable with integrated sensors, a 5V 2A plug adaptor, and a spare double-sided 3M sticky tape. 

What advantages does Matter support offer?

Matter support in the SwitchBot Hub 2 ensures that it’ll be easily compatible with other smart devices that also support Matter. This means seamless integration and fewer compatibility issues down the line in your smart home ecosystem.

Can the SwitchBot Hub 2 work as a standalone device?

While the Hub 2 is primarily designed to work in tandem with other SwitchBot devices, it can still provide some value on its own. For instance, you can use the integrated temperature, humidity, and light sensors independently, allowing it to function as a versatile sensor hub in your smart home.

Switchbot Hub 2 accessories
SwitchBot Hub 2
Easy to use

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