Is Apple Vision Pro Virtual Keyboard Live Yet?

Apple Vision Pro virtual keyboard

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Even though the WWDC 2023 event was full of announcements, Apple Vision Pro stole the show. Although the mixed reality headset will not be available anytime soon, details about the headset have been going wild. 

There’s all, from rumors to speculations to insight into the device with credible data! But currently, the biggest news regarding the headset would be the virtual keyboard. 

Software developer Atilla Taşkıran shared details regarding the virtual keyboard, which gives you a visual representation of how the visionOS of Apple’s headset will handle keyboard inputs in the mixed reality world.

Apple Vision Pro virtual keyboard
Source: Apple; Apple Vision Pro

And truth be told, Apple has done a great job at the implementation of the virtual keyboard. The Cupertino giant has stuck with some clever design choices that make the whole thing look sleek and function seamlessly.

Firstly, when your finger hovers over the virtual keyboard of Apple Vision Pro, the keys will light up. The headset aims to offer a controllerless experience by default. 

For that reason, it comes with six microphones, 12 cameras, and five sensors to track your every movement and take every input.

Apple Vision Pro virtual keyboard
Source: Apple; Apple Vision Pro

For the case of the virtual keyboard, Apple Vision Pro utilizes an incredibly precise hand-tracking mechanism. Of course, the correct set of hardware has played a role in this regard.

Moving on, when you press a key on the virtual keyboard, the actual key moves and presses down on the z-axis. 

This will eventually offer you the feeling of using a real mechanical or membrane keyboard, at least in terms of looks. As the keys depress, the virtual keyboard of Apple Vision Pro gives off a light pulse.

Apple Vision Pro virtual keyboard
Source: Apple; Apple Vision Pro

And as the virtual keyboard will lack the ability to give you physical feedback, this level of visual immersion is truly remarkable. It will make the keyboard more comfortable to use.

Of course, the Apple Vision Pro is not the only mixed-reality headset with a virtual keyboard. The Quest Pro from Meta has a similar offering too. 

However, in comparison, the virtual keyboard of Quest Pro is not as impressive as the one present in Vision Pro in terms of looks.

Apple Vision Pro virtual keyboard
Source: Apple; Apple Vision Pro

So, the ones who prioritize productivity would definitely lean toward Apple Vision Pro instead of getting other mixed-reality headsets.  As hinted earlier, there are other ways to give inputs to the headset.

The Vision Pro also supports Apple’s Magic Keyboard and voice commands. You can use those if you are not a fan of virtual keyboards. 

Hopefully, we will get to know more amazing features of the headset before it is officially available to the public.

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