Jamo is a Brand New Company Now, Launching New Studio7 Series!

Jamo is Launching New Studio7 Series

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The Denmark audio brand, Jamo, has just revealed and announced a handful number of products. Two brothers-in-law started the company in 1968 who goes by the name of Jacobsen, and Julius Mortensen. 

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And in case you did not notice, the brand’s name comes from the founders’ names – Jacobsen and Mortensen(Ja+Mo).

Nonetheless, Jamo has basically announced a rebirth of the company. The founders came up with a completely new brand strategy.

Jamo is Launching New Studio7 Series
Studio7; Source: Jamo

The brand has also recalibrated its positioning. And to announce that the brand has entered a new chapter, it has released the new Studio 7 series.

So, what is so great about the new Jamo Studio7 series? Well, the range is full of passive speakers. Each of them has a Scandinavian design to them, which is inspired by Nordic nature. 

Wondering where does the “7” in the name come from? The new line has a 7-degree tilt to it, which is where the 7 in Studio7 comes from.

This 7-degree tilt in the design gives the entire range get a distinctive look and offers a unique sound profile.

Jamo is Launching New Studio7 Series
S7-15B Bookshelf Speakers; Source: Jamo

That said, there are six models in the Jamo Studio7 Series, which include two floor-standing speakers, two bookshelf speakers, and two center channel speakers.

The range also comes with a brand new tweeter. This 1-inch tweeter sports a copper faraday ring, which reduces the non-linear distortion and increases the overall sensitivity. It also carries out high-frequency duties.

Both the surround and tweeter are of fabric. Jamo has also taken the time to optimize the High-frequency waveguide. The team did the optimization through the exclusive COMSOL software model.

Jamo is Launching New Studio7 Series
Home Cinema System; Source: Jamo

But what sound signature does the 7-degree tilt offer? So, apart from making the speakers look unique, it ensures a coherent sound stage

With the tilt, Jamo has time-aligned the drive units’ acoustic centers. It helps the speakers to have a more traditional enclosure while eliminating timing anomalies.

Furthermore, the speakers have a set of bass drivers that features embossed paper cones. The high-strength motor assemblies incorporate aluminum inductance shorting rings. 

These rings enhance the overall power handling. They also act like heat sinks to lower the distortion.

Jamo is Launching New Studio7 Series
S7-25c; Source: Jamo

Jamo has also taken proper steps to prevent the coloring of the signals produced by the drivers. The team has rounded up the cabinet edge, which makes the energy dissipate naturally.

Alongside that, the cabinet of the speakers is reasonably thick. The team has also made the walls get a braced nature to ensure a low level of self-noise.

And when it comes to the crossover, Studio7 has a crossover in its sealed plinth. Such a design minimizes the chances of interaction between the inductors in the crossover and the large bass driver magnet.

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