Fifine H6 AmpliGame Gaming Headset Review – It Took Me A While Just To Put Them On

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Release Date
April 27, 2022
AmpliGame H6
15.8 oz
8.62 x 6.5 x 3.78 in

Fifine is better known for their microphone gear, but also in the middle of this year released a few great devices including the Fifine H6 USB gaming headset and the H8 studio headphones.

They sent me these to review and from the moment I plugged them in and they lit up, I lit up. The LED lights are so well executed on these that it took me a while to stop staring and start listening.

Budget Pick

Fifine H6 AmpliGame Gaming Headset

Lights, decent sound and excellent Microphone, what else do you need?

Price Range: $
Brand: Fifine
FiFine H6 Gaming Headset packaging and accessories


Fifine have really found their place in the market in terms of accessible and affordable gaming and creative content products. They’ve done an amazing job of maximizing the effects that RGB LED lights can add to simple hardware.

And I have to admit, I felt like my experience with the H6 was elevated because of the always-moving LED lights.

The FiFine H6 Gaming Headset is an excellent addition to their line and one that punches above it’s price tag.

I had a great time with this headset and the microphone on it is simply excellent.

The Specs

  • Connectivity Technology:  Wired
  • Connector:  USB Type-A
  • Driver Size:  50mm
  • Padding materials:  Leatherette
  • Cable Length:  6.6ft (2m)
  • Compatible with:  Computer/PS4/PS5

What’s in the Box?

  • H6 USB Gaming Headset with detachable microphone
  • User manual
  • Carrying Bag

Stuff I like

  • Price – surprisingly cheap gaming headset considering features and sound.
  • LED Lights are so much fun
  • Microphone is awesome
  • Inline remote has “all the things”
  • 24 Bit/48kHz with low-impedance for easy driving

Stuff I like less

  • Drivers close to ears, depth could be deeper
  • Big heads might not love the headband

Comparable products to consider

Turtle Beach Recon 70
Turtle Beach Recon 70

Affordable choice gaming headsets that is compatibile across all of the major gaming hardware.

Razer Barracuda X
Razer Barracuda X Wireless

Sturdy and lightweight headset with clear sounds and breathable earcups foam .

Review Metrics

Sound Quality: 8
Bass: 8
Mids: 8
Treble: 8
Sound Isolation: 7
Build Quality: 8
Comfort & Fit: 7
Value for Money: 9
Accessories: 9
Review Metrics Average: 8.00 / 10

Tech specs

The H6 gaming headset comes with a 50-mill driver and a plethora of other features which are all accessible through the remote inline on the cable. Frequency range of around 20 to 20 kilohertz, and a 7.1 feature in addition to 3 EQ modes.

Overall impressions

My overall impressions of the H6 are really good.

I had an absolute blast reviewing these things, and I’m grateful that Fifine sent these to me to give my opinion on. 

The soft leather ear cups and headband are soft and squidgy and comfortable. 

The headphones really look quite awesome on, and if you’re wearing them anywhere in public, then you’re bound to get some comments.

The USB plug-in microphone and the fabric-covered cable with the circumaural headphones all have a really good feel to them. 

FiFine H6 Gaming Headset earcups
Comfortable earmuffs cushion | Make Life Click

I know I’ve written about how I think some uses of LED lights are a little bit over the top but on gaming headsets, it’s just exactly the right place where you want this kind of action.

I’ll demonstrate in the inline videos how the LED lights constantly rotate, which is better in person than even the video shows.

Build quality

The build quality is really excellent. 

The leatherette foam padding on the ear cups and the top headband feels really well put together in terms of firmness and comfort.

It surprised me for a set of gaming headsets that is only 40 bucks.

The microphone which is removable doesn’t have particularly strong memory capabilities in the arm, but after doing audio tests, this makes no difference at all.

And I do like that it sits slightly away from my mouth. And so, I don’t feel like there’s something in front of me all the time.

It only comes with a soft leatherette case, but I doubt that a lot of people will be traveling with these.

FiFine H6 Gaming Headset off light indicator

Compatibility and best uses

The compatibility of these budget gaming headphones is for PC and PS4 and 5. 

So if you’re looking for a budget headset, then these should be in your sights. 

But I wouldn’t limit these only to gaming. I’ve been listening to them in the office just for music too. 

And the overall soundstage is pretty good. There’s not a lot of sub-bass but there’s that kind of solid bass-to-treble frequency response that is great for gaming and pretty good for listening to music. 

I’ve even been using it for conference calls, but more on that in a minute.

Animation showing the LED Lights on the H6 gaming headset lit up and circling.
LED Lights of the FiFine H6 Headset in action – Looks even better in real life. | Make Life Click

Inline remote

The inline remote is feature-packed, it has a nice big volume-up, volume-down rocker switch (which I accidentally lent on while gaming and nearly blew my head off). 

In the middle of that rocker switch, there is a 7.1 button. 

The 7.1 button changes the acoustics in the headphones to feel like it’s much more of a spatial or surround sound experience. 

This will be particularly great with action games and shoot ’em-ups.

On the other side of the inline remote, there is a mute switch for the microphone, and a push-button, which switches the headphones between:

  • Gaming Mode
  • Movie Mode
  • Music Mode
FiFine H6 Gaming Headset switch control
Three modes to choose from: game, music, and movie | Make Life Click

It’s really a just preset EQ switch, but I definitely found that they’ve done a good job of tuning each preset setting for its function. 

Music does really sound best with music but also sounds quite good in the movie mode. 

Movies sound great in movie mode. And gaming is definitely right in the middle.

Microphone quality

I’ve done a microphone test, which I’ll include inline here that you can listen to.

I’ve done a few tests lately on USB headsets and gaming headsets. And these by far have actually come out sounding the very best. 

I was really quite surprised when I did the audio test and played back how full and rich the audio is from this microphone. 

There’s a nice depth to it and it sounds really natural. So whoever’s on the other end is going to hear you loud and clear.

The second and third use for this microphone that I found really good was actually to use it for conference calls in the office because the mic quality was so good. 

And even to use it for voice dictation on my computer when I’m using Apple Dictate.

And I use this to reduce the amount of hand strain and tendonitis that occurs, you can see more of that on Slack.

FiFine H6 Gaming Headset mic zoomed in
Detachable and flexible mic | Make LIfe Click

Overall sound quality

The overall sound quality is really good. 

While it may not go too deep, with deep bottoms, it does have a solid bass response, and good mids and treble, which means that there isn’t any particular shaping to the tone.

I think it would suit especially impactful mid-frequency games. 

But with the 7.1 surround function, anything that has ambient surrounding noise would also sound really good. 

As far as budget gaming headphones go, this punches above its weight and could have a higher price point for the quality of the build and sound.

What would I change if I could?

If I was to change anything, it would be around the ear cup tightness. 

I think for most people that are buying this headphone in this range, the tightness on the headband is probably going to be perfect. It will be popular with young people.

 If you’ve got a large head, then it may feel a little tight over time. But it may also stretch out as you use it more.

FiFine H6 Gaming Headset RGB light
Pretty RGB lights | Make Life Click

I didn’t find it especially uncomfortable, but the other trouble I had with these is that the drivers on the inside are very close. This is a circumaural headphone or over-the-ear headphone. 

The other thing is when you put them on, the driver plate and drivers are very, very close. In fact, they’re kind of touching the outside of the ears and you don’t need to be an Elf for this to happen. 

I didn’t find this comfortable but I found it…a little odd.

Summing it up

I really have enjoyed using the FiFine H6 Gaming Headset and reviewing them.

I think it might even become a permanent fixture on my desk.

While the fit is a little bit close, and the headband is a little tighter than what I would normally go for, it’s a really excellent package for less than $40. 

The LED lights make me smile every time I look at them. Which, while I know that’s a novelty, still heightens the enjoyment of the headphones overall.

I know that the LED lights need to be powered, hence, the USB but, if they did end up coming up with one that could be powered from a headphone jack for the same effect, that would be a lot of fun; if only that was even possible.

FiFine H6 Gaming Headset on light indicator

The microphone I will also keep using it for dictation at my desk when my primary headset is unavailable, just because I’m so impressed by the audio output.

I think if they make improvements on version two of these, it would be to make those ear cups just slightly deeper, that’s in combination with the headband. 

And it’s a small criticism of what you’re getting in this package for the price.

Any questions? Fire them away in the comments below.

FIFINE Gaming Headset for PC-Wired Headphones with Microphone-7.1 Surround Sound Computer USB Headset for Laptop, Streaming Headphones on PS4/PS5, with EQ Mode, RGB, Soft Ear Pads - AmpliGame H6
Fifine H6 AmpliGame Gaming Headset
FiFine H6 Gaming Headset microphone
Fifine H6 AmpliGame Gaming Headset
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Build Quality
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