JBL Authentics Series: Meet the Retro-Inspired

JBL Authentics

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The JBL Authentics series is official. At the core, the series pays homage to the legacy of JBL.

New Release
JBL Authentics 300

Fill any room in your house with stereo sound. A pair of 25mm tweeters bring out the details in your music

It fuses the icon design from the 1970s that’s inspired by the L100 speaker with modern technology.

Among all the devices that are in the range, the biggest highlight is the Authentics 500. It’s an all-in-one audio system that offers both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

JBL Authentics
Source: JBL; Authentics 500

Another thing that makes the JBL Authentics 500 stand out is that it’s capable of delivering a Dolby Atmos experience. Besides the Authentics 500, the lineup consists of the portable Authentics 300 and the smaller-sized Authentics 200.

All the speakers within the range feature a construction of premium materials. That includes an aluminum frame, a reimagined Quadrex grille, and a custom synthetic leather-wrapped enclosure.

Looking for specific specs? The JBL Authentics 500 comes packed with three 1-inch tweeters and three 2.75-inch midrange woofers. It also has a 6.5-inch down-firing subwoofer.

JBL Authentics
Source: JBL; Authentics 500

This driver setup of the Authentics 500 makes the speaker capable of delivering 270 watts of 3.1-channel sound. And as mentioned earlier, it comes with Dolby Atmos tech to offer a highly immersive audio experience.

The JBL Authentics 200 boasts two 1-inch tweeters, a down-firing 6-inch passive radiator, and a full-range 5-inch woofer. Its rated power output is 100 watts, which is more than enough to fill your room with sound.

Finally, the Authentics 300 is more of a portable audio solution. The power output rating is at 90 watts. While that may seem a bit low, it’s more than enough to meet all your on-the-go listening demands.

JBL Authentics
Source: JBL; Authentics 200

Another great part of the Authentics 300 is that it features a decent sized battery. The wireless speaker can offer up to 8 hours of runtime with a full charge.

All the speakers of the JBL Authentics series have support for multi-room playback. That means you can place the speakers throughout your home and make them sync with one another.

The speakers also have support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home app. This feature will make integrating the speakers into your smart home setup easier. And controlling the speakers will be much easier for this integration.

JBL Authentics
Source: JBL; Authentics 300

Moreover, you can personalize the audio output for all the speakers within the JBL Authentics range. They come with the JBL One companion app. It lets you fine-tune the audio parameters and make the speakers sound exactly how you want them to.

Once you set the speakers up with the JBL One app, you can use voice commands to control the playback. The app also enables you to set timers and control other smart home devices.

Want to get your hands on one of the JBL Authentics speakers? They’ll be available from October and ship from the Erikson Consumer’s headquarters.

JBL Authentics 300 - Retro Style Wireless Bluetooth/WiFi Home Speaker, Built in Battery (4800mAh), Music Streaming Services via Built-in Wi-Fi, Built in Alexa and Google Assistant
JBL Authentics 300

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