JBL Tune Flex Wireless Buds Offers the Best of Both Worlds in the TWS Space

JBL Tune Flex

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One of the recent additions in the innovative wireless earbuds space is the open-back styled TWS buds. These basically allow the users to listen to their surroundings without using any sort of ANC feature. 

The TWS manufacturers have been experimenting with this feature for quite a while now. That is why we saw different iterations, such as the ‘talk thru’ and ‘transparency‘ features.

But the thing is, both the aforementioned features utilize the exterior microphones to let the outside sound get inside.

JBL Tune Flex
Source: JBL

And the true open-backed styled earbuds that the market recently saw are the Sony LinkBuds. Those do not utilize any microphones at all to let the outside noise get to the user’s ears.

So, why isn’t there a feature that lets you switch from open-ear style to closed-ear style? JBL has integrated exactly that feature into the JBL Tune Flex. It is a pair of wireless buds that will let you let the sound in or block it out with a physical barrier if you want to.

JBL Tune Flex
Source: JBL

By default, the JBL Tune Flex comes with an open-back design. However, whenever you pop on the included ear sealing tips, they will become a TWS pair that can isolate you from exterior noise. 

Basically, you will get the best of both worlds with a single purchase. But what is the use case of such a design? You will not need to own multiple pairs of TWS! 

JBL Tune Flex
Source: JBL

When you want to go out for a morning run,  just put the JBL Tune Flex without any of the included tips. By doing so, the buds will let you hear the traffic and stay more aware of your surrounding while you are burning all the calories.

After that, when you need to commute to work, just put the sealing ear tips on the JBL Tune Flex, and that will make the TWS buds offer a noise-isolation effect

Traffic and busy road noise will not ruin your music-listening experience. Likewise, you can put the sealing tips on when you need to have an immersive music audio-listening experience.

JBL Tune Flex
Source: JBL

The package will come with three different sizes of ear tips. Now, what about the sound quality? You can expect to feel a significant difference in the audio quality when in the open-back mode.

Usually, these style earphones offer better overall quality, while the closed-back enhances the bass.

That said, you can even personalize the sound through the JBL Headphones app. The JBL Tune Flex also packs six levels of ANC, which you can turn on when in the open-back mode.

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