Master & Dynamic x Mercedes: Luxurious Audio Gears with New Standard!

Master & Dynamic

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Ever since the 1926 period, the slogan for Mercedes-Benz has been “the best or nothing.” That is why the four-wheelers from the brand are always categorized in the high-end tier. It seems like an audio brand has picked up the same slogan, which goes by the name of Master & Dynamic.

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Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling (Anc) Wireless Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth range is 3x industry average at 20+ meters/65+ feet and has up to 24 hours battery life. Active noise cancelling headphones: two modes of noise-cancellation strength filter out unwanted external noise, designed to focus, inspire and transport your mind wherever life takes you.

If you have never heard of Master & Dynamic, you probably are not the only one. It is a much younger brand, at least, in comparison to Mercedes-Benz. 

It started operating in 2014 and is one of the brands specializing in high-end headphones. In the past, this high-end audio brand has collaborated with luxury brands. For example, the collab of Master & Dynamic x Louis Vuitton.

Master & Dynamic
Source: Master & Dynamic

The brand has done it again, but this time, it is with Mercedes-Benz. However, this collab is not bringing just one product into the market. Instead, the companies are proud to announce five different sets of headphones. 

All have integrated luxury to the level max. Among all of them, the most-eyecatching one is the Master & Dynamic MW65 Mercedes-Benz edition. It is an ANC headphone, and it definitely borrows some design from F1. 

Now, the regular MW65 was a decent pair of headphones. Although the ANC feature was not up to the mark, it did offer a great overall sound. So, what has changed for the new Master & Dynamic x Mercedes-Benz MW65?

The first thing is the design, just like its mentioned earlier. It basically integrates the chrome-plated 3D Mercedes-Benz on the exterior of the cans. 

Master & Dynamic
Source: Master & Dynamic

Along with that, Master & Dynamic has worked on the weight of the headphones to enhance comfort. In other words, the new MW65 is a little heavier but more balanced than the originals.

The second highlight of the collab is the MW08. It is an ANC TWS Buds. And it is also a redesign of a TWS that Master & Dynamic released earlier. 

The OG MW08 brought a lot of things to the table. And with the redesign, they are indeed a great pick for a proper Noise-Cancelling TWS.

Then, there is the MW75. This pair of wireless headphones integrate the Mercedes AMG design. And the chrome-plated 3D logo does look exquisite on the headphones. 

Master & Dynamic
Source: Master & Dynamic

But the looks are just telling the first half of the story. There are three ANC modes, and the headphones can deliver a solid 28 hours of battery life.

After that, the collab also brought out MG20, a wireless gaming headphone with the classic Mercedes AMG design. It promises to set new standards in gaming, and it does have the potential to do so.

Finally, there is a Sporty pair of earbuds: the MW08 Sport. Just like the previous two, this TWS also integrates Mercedes AMG design. The case and the buds have a carbon fiber finish on the exterior. And they look pretty luxurious!

Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling (Anc) Wireless Headphones – Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Mic, Silver Metal/ Brown Leather
Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling (Anc) Wireless Headphones

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