KEF Unveils Their Premium Reference Meta Speakers

KEF Unveils Their Premium Reference Meta Speakers

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The British HiFi audio brand KEF has announced the launch of its latest reference speakers. The launch will comprise speakers that will go into two lineups: the Reference and the Blade series. However, what most are looking forward to is what the Reference Meta speakers will bring to the table.

At its core, the Reference series consists of three-way floor-standing speakers, two three-way center speakers, and a three-way stand-mount speaker. Users can use the three-way center as left-right-center speakers if they want to.

Now, when it comes to the composition of the Reference series, it sees all cabinets that feature a finite element analysis approach for the design. This analysis determines the ideal shape and braces the overall geometry to minimize the secondary radiation for the sides. There are constrained layer dampening mechanisms, which will turn the slight vibration that the system will produce into heat.

KEF Unveils Their Premium Reference Meta Speakers
KEF has a wider range of speakers, home theaters, subwoofers and more.

On that note, the cabinets sport a high-gloss finish. Pair-matched wood veneers will accompany this well-detailed exterior. And the wood veneers will complement the front baffle design, which eliminates the anomalies that diffraction causes. Also, there are five different options when it comes to finishes. There are five drive cone colors and a combination of three cabinet finishes among them. That includes Satin Walnut/Silver, High-Gloss White Champagne, High-Gloss White/Blue, High-Gloss Black/Copper, and High-Gloss Black/Gray. 

Nevertheless, one of the main highlights of the series is the midrange horn. The speakers feature a new ultra-low distortion motor that does a proper job of lowering the total harmonic distortion. Apart from reducing the distortion in the midrange, it also decreases the amount of thermal compression, enhancing the overall efficiency.

There are contours on the dome within the midrange horn. And these contours are computer-optimized to ensure a seamless and smooth transition to the cabinet. KEF’s well-known patented tangerine waveguide technology is also present. It will adequately manage the airflow.

Other than that, the bass driver also has some unique traits. It has a large vented magnet assembly, light and stiff alloy cone, and a large aluminum voice coil. Those will enhance the overall bass performance of the Reference speakers.

The revolutionary tool KEF holds in the acoustic armory, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT), will absorb 99 percent of the unwanted sound. It utilizes intricate channels, which efficiently absorb those sounds. Audio enthusiasts and experts refer to this implementation of MAT as a tool that will break new grounds for loudspeaker designs.

Now, if you are wondering what metamaterials are, they are structures that rely on existing materials. However, the design makes the metamaterials use the materials uniquely, which exhibits desirable properties. And the new properties that the structures show are not naturally found in the occurring substances.

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