How To Hook Up A Home Audio Amplifier To a Home Stereo System?

How To Hook Up An Home Audio Amplifier To a Home Stereo System

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The home stereo systems available in the market will typically arrive with a built-in amplifier. Even though that will do a proper job of driving the speaker units and powering the system, sometimes, you might find the need for more power. 

In fact, an amp is a must to power additional speakers for an immersive and surround listening experience. But getting an amp is one thing and making the whole setup work is another. And without knowing how to properly install the home audio amplifier to a home stereo system, you will be putting in the hours but will make zero progress. 

But did you know that connecting the amplifier for speakers requires only a few steps? Absolutely! Can not believe that? Continue reading and find it out by yourself!

Step 1: Start with safety!

Before you do anything, you must ensure that both the audio power amplifier and the stereo system are not connected to an outlet. If you keep those two turned on while hooking them up, there will be a high chance of accidents. So, unplug both of them from any electricity source. 

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Step 2: Connect the audio cables into the stereo system

Once you have ensured that the electricity is not flowing through the devices, you need to get the audio cables and plug them into the output jacks of your stereo system. In this case, the red plug will go into the rightmost output, while the white one will go to the left.

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Step 3: Hook the cables up with the home audio amplifier

Now that the cables are in the stereo system, you need to work on the amplifier. Get the opposite ends of the cables into the matching left and right audio input points of the amp. 

When it comes to the home audio amplifiers, you will have the freedom to use any set of inputs. You just need to note down the ones you decide to use and check whether they have a CD label or turntable, or others. Noting down the jacks is crucial for the next step. 

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Step 4: Adjust the component selector

Lastly, you need to set the component selector of the amplifier to the correct jacks that you have used. And for the speaker amplifier home theater, the component selector should be at tape 2. 

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Once you are through all of the steps and get the home audio amplifier connected with the home stereo system, all that is left is to power the whole setup up and vibe to the immersive sound that the system now has to offer. And did you see how easy it was to get things hooked up?

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