Critically Acclaimed Tank M2 Sets New Standards in the Smartwatch Industry – The Kospet M2 Difference

Kospet Tank M2

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The smartwatch space is nearly two decades old, with new brands pushing the boundaries of quality and performance almost annually. 

In the past several years, Kospet made great strides, releasing some of the best-performing and best-rounded smartwatches that have reshaped the landscape of the smartwatch industry.

The brand was founded in 2018, and it managed to reach the upper echelons of boutique smartwatch companies by delivering consistent quality, introducing groundbreaking technologies, and catering to the needs of consumers from all walks of life, demographics, and cultures.

Kospet’s latest Kospet Tank M2 flagship has brought a host of innovations to the table, including an incredible level of durability, unrivaled versatility, a battery life that far surpasses all alternatives, and many more.

A Modern, Stylish Design

While practical, well-rounded features are what separates Kospet’s Tank M2 from current smartwatches in the industry, it is, at its core, a gorgeous, modern watch.

Its outdoor sports design makes it an excellent option for casual outings while the beautiful color variations make M2 perfect for any formal event. Kospet’s Tank M2 is available in Orange, Black, and Red styles.

M2’s wristband is made of the exclusive two-color liquid silicone rubber, making the watch as sturdy as it is fashionable.

Built to Last a Lifetime

All smartwatch models are supplied with hundreds of tiny hardware pieces that enable them to track fitness metrics, resist water splashes, or connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

However, the majority of budget and even some mid-tier smartwatches are very flimsy; no matter how powerful or versatile their features are, a single drop would render the watch useless.

Kospet Tank M2 Display
Made of high-strength metal and stainless steel panel | Kospet

With Kospet’s Tank M2, consumers will never have to worry about their smart companion breaking after a couple of nicks and dents.

Its bottom part and the bezel are manufactured from robust metal while the panel is made of premium quality stainless steel material.

These components form its fortress of a frame that can easily withstand decades of use and even outlive the wearer if M2 is used and maintained regularly and properly.

This smartwatch also rocks the Extreme Scene Test button that can be used to simulate a car crash or a fall from a high altitude scenario, showing the wearer how the M2 would perform after receiving significant damage.

Industry Leading Battery

The popularity of Li-Ion batteries is still firm but after extensive research conducted in its Shenzhen-based R&D department, Kospet realized that pure cobalt batteries offer a significantly higher level of performance across the board.

The brand installed industry-leading 410mAh batteries in its Kospet Tank M2 models wanting to provide its customers with a smartwatch that can be used 24 hours a day for up to 15 days before the battery runs out of power.

Offering a whopping 50-day standby time, the batteries in M2 smartwatches make them the best commuting & traveling models available in the current market.

Even though cobalt batteries are already superior to contemporary alternatives in terms of energy efficiency, Kospet introduced single-chip double-mode processors to further decrease the power consumption rate of the batteries installed in Tank M2 models.

Conquered 12 US Military Standard Tests

US Military Standard tests (US MIL-STD) are some of the most rigorous and attentive inspection checks in the industry. Leaving no stone left unturned, these tests were purposefully invented to accurately determine the quality, durability, and versatility of the product in question.

Kospet’s Tank M2 passed 12 US MIL-STD tests with flying colors and is currently hailed as one of the sturdiest smartwatches available in the current market.

From low and high-temperature tests, from damp heat tests and shock tests to vibration tests, rain tests, salt spray tests, low-pressure tests, fungus tests, fluid contamination, sand and dust, and solar radiation tests, the Tank M2 proved it is worthy of its name.

Kospet Tank M2 Waterproof
It can withstand 50 meters of water pressure
Kospet M2 Waterproof
Impressive IP69K Dynamic Waterproof

The Highest IP Waterproof Rating to Date

The ingress protection levels are determined by the capability of an electronic product to resist dust and water.

While the minimum ingress protection of consumer-grade devices stands at IP22/IP2X, Kospet’s M2 scored the highest results in terms of liquid ingress and solid particle protection (IP69K).

The Tank M2 smartwatch is considered among the handful of “dust-tight” models. After passing the 8-hour vacuum test, not a single particle of dust managed to enter its interior, leading up to the IP6X rating.

This smartwatch was also subjected to extremely high-pressure jets of water coming from four different angles, each for 30 seconds. After the test was complete, it was determined that Tank M2 can withstand the equivalent of 50 meters of high water pressure. 

This means that it’s the ultimate smartwatch solution for active people who love spending time in and around water. 

Surfing, diving, swimming, and similar sports are just some of the scenarios in which the Tank M2 smartwatch will remain fully functional, no matter how wet it becomes.

Unbeatable Price Made Even Cheaper – M2 Available at a Discounted Price

As stated by Kospet’s spokesperson, the brand always strived to compete with the leading smartwatch manufacturers in the fields of quality and performance while making its products available at highly approachable prices.

For a limited time, Kospet is offering its Tank M2 smartwatch at a reduced price. 

Its initial price tag was set at $119.99, and now consumers have an opportunity to purchase this smartwatch for $89.99, saving $30.00 in the process.

Kospet Tank M2 Dimension
Kospet Tank M2 Dimension | Kospet

A Comprehensive Fitness Tracker App

The title of one of the best-rounded smartwatches in the industry was not given to M2 lightly. 

It’s equipped with Kospet-proprietary software and algorithms that enable it to accurately assess the sleeping patterns and quality of the user.

The smartwatch will continue to monitor and collect data even while the wearer sleeps, processing it and making it readily available for the user to leverage into creating and reinforcing healthier habits.

As a lifestyle-oriented smartwatch, Tank M2 was made to help Kospet’s customers lead the best lives and become the person they always wanted to be.

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